Monday, December 3, 2012

Help Me With This Promise :)

So I either convinced you to come here with my persuasion or you stumbled upon this page yourself.  Either way you should take two minutes to like a Facebook page AND copy and paste accordingly to how you know me into a message for Ellen (you will barely have to type much because I literally did it for you!).  I would greatly appreciate it! :)

Ellen's Website:
Click the link and fill out your information, then copy and paste accordingly to how you know me the message into "Tell us your story".  Please note that only 1500 characters are allowed, after this amount nothing else can be added.  In parenthesis and bold is the current character count, feel free to add more or edit if you like.  IF YOU ACTUALLY KNOW ME AND WE ARE CLOSE FRIENDS, OR YOU FEEL LIKE YOU KNOW ME REALLY WELL I EXPECT YOU TO WRITE YOUR OWN AND NOT COPY FROM BELOW (I'll message/e-mail you to tell you anyways!)

Facebook Page:
Click the link and like the page.  Since it is a page and not a group there will not be a crazy amount of notifications, I promise to only post positive important things. :)

What I wrote to Ellen:
This is just so you know what I personally wrote to Ellen.

UW Students (958 characters LEFT):
There is a girl in a wheelchair at my University that has begged me to write you this message.  Yomara really wants to be on your show to raise awareness of an amazing camp she went to called Camp Promise.  She says it is the only camp that accepts campers of all ages with neuromuscular diseases.  Yomara is very tenacious and this camp is very important to her, it is her metaphorical heaven.  Yomara believes Camp Promise and your show have very similar qualities: pranks, fun, and laughter.  Please make her 21st birthday dream come true!

Highschool Peers (859 characters LEFT):
There was a girl in a wheelchair at my highschool that has currently begged me to write you this message.  Yomara really wants to be on your show to raise awareness of an amazing camp she went to called Camp Promise.  Yomara was Homecoming Queen her Senior year and wrote on the school's newspaper for three years, she also volunteered through Key Club and was part of the National Honor Society.  Yomara is very tenacious and this camp is very important to her, it is her metaphorical heaven.  Yomara believes Camp Promise and your show have very similar qualities: pranks, fun, and laughter.  Please make her 21st birthday dream come true!

Readers of this blog (983 characters LEFT):
I am a reader of Yomara's blog, a blog through the eyes of a girl in a wheelchair and it is so important to her to be on your show raising awareness of how amazing Camp Promise is.  She says it is the only camp that accepts campers of all ages with neuromuscular diseases.  Yomara is very tenacious and this camp is very important to her, it is her metaphorical heaven.  Yomara believes Camp Promise and your show have very similar qualities: pranks, fun, and laughter.  Please make her 21st birthday dream come true!

Doctors/Medical Staff (958 characters LEFT):
I have treated Yomara, a girl with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 as a patient, and she really wants to be on your show.  Yomara wants to raise awareness of an amazing camp she went to called Camp Promise.  She says it is the only camp that accepts campers of all ages with neuromuscular diseases.  Yomara is very tenacious and this camp is very important to her, it is her metaphorical heaven.  Yomara believes Camp Promise and your show have very similar qualities: pranks, fun, and laughter.  Please make her 21st birthday dream come true!

Relatives (967 characters LEFT):
My relative by the name of Yomara, has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, and she really wants to be on your show.  Yomara wants to raise awareness of an amazing camp she went to called Camp Promise.  She says it is the only camp that accepts campers of all ages with neuromuscular diseases.  Yomara is very tenacious and this camp is very important to her, it is her metaphorical heaven.  Yomara believes Camp Promise and your show have very similar qualities: pranks, fun, and laughter.  Please make her 21st birthday dream come true!

AMAZING Staff/Campers/Counselors/Volunteer from Camp Promise please write something to Ellen about this goal I have!  (If you want me to write it just e-mail me at


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ellen DeGeneres

So I am busily working on finals, but also on getting on the Ellen show.  The paragraph below is what I messaged her, there was a character limit so I could not make it too long.  I am working on making templates of letters so people that know me or read this blog can simply copy and paste a message to her.  People truly close to me have to write their own, like Ali, which she already did.  The journey has begun readers, let's hope I get to my destination! :)

Hi Ellen, my name is Yomara and I am writing to you with a purpose.I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, which is why I use a wheelchair.I am very blessed in that I attend a University on a full scholarship and that I am typing this to you with my own hands.My reason for writing you is so that you can help me with a dream I have.I had the pleasure of attending Camp Promise, a camp for people of all ages with neuromuscular diseases, summer 2012.All my life I was too scared to attend any type of camp, but I was persuaded by friends that I should attend this one, and I am SO glad I did.Camp Promise started after MDA camp was cancelled due to swine flu, and it opened it's doors to campers of all ages, while most camps deny entrance at the age of 18 or 21.Camp is only a week, but Ellen this was the best week of my life.Camp Promise is all about laughing, dancing, friendships pranks, and fun (all qualities of your show as well)!Ellen I would love to be on your show for it's tenth season and talk about camp and all its AWESOMENESS.I made a promise to myself that I would be on your show during my Spring break (March 25-29) for one day and tell you about all the amazing volunteers and all the campers that make my heart smile.My 21st birthday is on April 9th and this would be the best present EVER to help spread the word of the 5th anniversary of Camp Promise and get people to donate to this AMAZING camp!Camp Promise is like a town in that it is my metaphorical heaven!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012


So I'm starting to get really busy again with finals right around the corner...but that means it's almost winter break!!!!!!!!  <---kind of excited :)

I am working on getting on the Ellen show so stay tuned, and hopefully getting good grades this quarter!  I wanted to let you all know however that the DO-IT program is accepting scholar applications!  Also that Michael's 4K is a tax deductible, as well as donating to DO-IT or Camp Promise :)  So here are the links again just in case you won the lottery and don't know what to do with all your money or you're just a nice person :)

Michael's 4K:

Tax Deductible Form for Michael's 4K:


Camp Promise:

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and terrific Sunday! :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thanksgiving

So it's Thanksgiving and before I go into a food coma I figured why not join the bandwagon and say thirty reasons/things/people I am thankful for! :)

1. My parents, they mean the world to me and I love them so much :)
2. Ali, she's literally like my sister, I don't know what I'd do without her :)
3. God thank you for hearing my prayers and helping me get through any obstacle :)
4. My friends, thank you for accepting me wheelchair and all :)
5. Television/Netflix/Hulu/Internet/Facebook/Twitter thank you for existing, I'd be bored without you :)
6. Chocolate, I would marry you if I could <----chocoholic :p
7. Food in general, thank you for making my tummy happy :)
8. Medicine and advances in science, thank you for keeping me alive :)
9. Doctors, nurses, specialists, janitors, and hospitals in general thank you for keeping me alive :)
10. All the teachers I have had that have either been strict or nice or in between, thank you for the variety :)
11. I'm thankful for my Camp Promise community :)
12. I'm thankful for the DO-IT community :)
13. I'm thankful for the schools I got to attend :)
14. I'm thankful for the scholarships I have received :)
15. I'm thankful for my electronics (laptop, ipad, iphone) :)
16. I'm thankful for music, the radio, sound :)
17. I'm thankful for the roof over my head :)
18. I'm thankful for my accessible van :)
19. I'm thankful my eyes see, my nose can smell, my ears can hear, my skin can feel the sun's heat, and my mouth can taste and chew food :)
20. I'm thankful my hands can type and write :)
21. I'm thankful for 20 years of life and almost turning 21 :)
22. I'm thankful for my wheelchairs (power, manual, and shower chair) :)
23. I'm thankful for my huge head that has a great memory and nerd potential :)
24. I'm thankful for books, magazines, newspapers :)
25. I'm thankful for the moments where I laugh too much and smile too wide :)
26. I'm thankful for being spoiled, but also being told that I have to appreciate what I have :)
27. I'm thankful for heaters, they keep me warm :)
28. I'm thankful for movies that give me quoting material :)
29. I'm thankful when the sun comes out :)
30. I'm just endlessly thankful :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Compliment Letter for Fantastic Four

Today I am posting something super related to camp, so if you do not like reading about my camp addiction (who wouldn't is really the question?!) don't read on (but read the bolded part), but this is your warning...IT'S ALL ABOUT CAMP!  On the bright side, it will be substantially long :) so I'm sorry I didn't post Thursday/Friday.

So in high school I had the most fabulous writing/journalism/english teacher (Mrs. Wright :)) and she would have us make a portfolio of our writing and every time we wrote something for the newspaper it would be added to the portfolio.  My favorite part of the portfolio is that every month she would write you a short compliment letter.  Due to desperate measures, this is a compliment/begging letter for the Fantastic Four from camp (Michael, Lewis, Ben, and Elliot).

Michael is doing this super amazing 4K bicycle run this summer (BUT IT ENDS BEFORE CAMP!) that raises money and awareness for young adults with cancer.  Michael is one of the thirty college age students going from Baltimore to San Franciso in 70 days!!! To help him raise money and reach his goal of six thousand dollars go to:

I hope you apply in April to be a counselor for CPW! :)

So here's the deal: I found out (Ben told me) that their nine week application is due in less than a month and they were such a fantastic addition to camp that they HAVE to come back.  All the other counselors and staff for Camp Promise apply in April (you will get your compliment letter in March :)).  So read on for compliments and desperate begging.

Reason ONE: I know you all want to see each other, let's face it your guys' bromance cannot be hidden because it's just so adorable.
Reason TWO: Your cabins think you are AWESOME!!!  Represent!
Reason THREE: Your campers will miss you, all of CPW would miss you!!!
Reason FOUR: Purple cabin would cry if you don't come back, no joke, real tears... :'(
Reason FIVE: PLEASE!!!!!!! You know you want to come back.  I would get down on my knees and beg, but I can't (<--- that's devotion right there).

Michael: You're SO nice, literally an angel.  Your dance moves are legendary.  Your heart is so big, and your patience is endless. :)

Lewis: You're funny and good at being funny.  You make us all laugh/smile and laughter is the best medicine ever.  You can jump really high, I'm impressed. :)

Elliot: Your last name is super cool.  You always lent a helping hand, literally, when the toilets got plugged. I still have a bunch of questions to ask you, so that I can have more content with which to compliment you with. :)

Ben:  You are swell and your sarcasm is enjoyable.  You have impecable taste in clothes (not always in shoes :p) and I guess you're pretty cool. :)

Last, but not least thank you for reading this! :D

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Broadway AND Fun

Wicked was AMAZING!!! In other words it was WICKED! I have been listening to the soundtrack since I heard "Defying Gravity" on Glee, and it is just SO good!!! I got to see some of my camp friends and I even got to meet Dee Roscioli, who plays Elphie, along with some of the other cast members! It's a surreal feeling to hear a song and see someone act it out with emotion, I felt so alive! Now before you accuse me of being dramatic, let me just tell you that there was a lady in the row in front of us crying her eyes out, I was no where close to tears. My favorite character has to be Glinda, she made everyone laugh too many times to count. The stage and set were so interactive that it really brought the play to life! Before the play we (Ali and I) went to PF Changs with Niki and Allison and that was really fun to catch up with them! I can't put in words how good it feels to be around people that understand the wheelchair or aren't weirded out by it! Thank you to my true friends, you will never know how much I truly appreciate you all!!! Oh and thanks to Ali's two hour time investment on my hair and face I felt like a princess! Yesterday was crazy, rain, wind, trouble finding parking...but it was all worth it! Being in a wheelchair makes it a bit harder to have fun, but when we do...Oh it is SO worth it!!! :)

Since it is Veterans Day I just want to thank all the veterans that have fought and those that are currently fighting for our country. Thank you!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Still busy

I'm still busy, school never ends...oh wait it does in (drumroll please) FOUR WEEKS!!  Sweet freedom, I can almost taste it *sticks tungue out* ok not quite yet, but now I really want cake.  I do however have something creative worthy to post and I will post Monday, because (another drumroll please) I GET TO SEE WICKED :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm really excited!!  Until then my readers...


The humans
always stare
at me.

at all

They make
different faces
when they look.

Depending on
MY time
I see
their different


they just
looking at me.

I thought
humans invented
the phrase
"It’s not polite to stare!"


Start looking elsewhere

I am
running out
of time.

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012


So in case you haven't noticed I figured I would point it out: I've been posting for five months!!! (I really like the number five, like its my favorite number!) School is going well, really busy reading and writing, but this blog is my escape whenever I start to get tired of academic writing, so thank you to whoever is reading this, I appreciate you!

Speaking of people who read this blog, after I shared it with my community of friends I have felt way more comfortable with writing because I know that my friends enjoy reading it and if there are other people that come across this blog and like it, then I couldn't really ask for anything else. :) I hope those who do read this blog feel that they are getting to know me, because that means people can see that just because I have a disability doesn't mean that I'm not a normal twenty year old. Thank you times double infinity (Revenge reference!)!!!

I am working on other posts, I have the ideas I just need the time to write them (four weeks until winter break!!!!). I promise that during winter break I'll post twice a week! This year I'm trying really hard to have somewhat of a social life, so that has also been taking effort(its hard for nerds to have fun!). I think I am on track for the Deans List, and drumroll please...I FINALLY chose my major...MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS! :) I am so happy with my choice! :) :) :)

As for the Camp Promise plans they are still in full effect, whenever I write "#majorpromises" it will mean that I am working on that master plan (inspired from mean girls when they say "major sabotage" ;)) and whenever I write "#crushedit" or "#aca-awesome (inspired by pitch perfect ;)) it will mean I will mean I got something done! Stay tuned for this epic master plan! :D Follow me on twitter for more consistent updates (@yoyoyomara)!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Busy busy

I have been working on essays and reading like a crazy woman! I'll post something of writing value Sunday!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Writer's Block

The worst medical condition a writer can be diagnosed with... Aaaahhh!  I have it, along with a contagious procrastination infection.  I feel like a bad student :(  I blame facebook and twitter and television, ok not really I just blame myself.  I have a bunch of ideas, I just can't concentrate enough to decide what to write about them.  I just fake shot myself, maybe my brain will sense the threat and start thinking about an academic essay it MUST finish tonight!!!!!  Maybe brain? Please?

In the meantime I'll catch you up on my life: my yearly check-up was all good news, I'm alive and apparently should stay that way for years to come :D and I'm obssesed with Ed Sheeran's song "The A Team" and Macklemore "Thrift Shop" and Carly Rae Jepsen "This Kiss" and One Direction "Live While We're Young" and Ke$ha "Die Young" and Fine Frenzy "Almost Lover" and TAYLOR SWIFT's new album RED and the "Pitch Perfect" (AWESOME movie, worth watching!) soundtrack (I blame Pandora and the radio for the music craziness) and I got to hang out with my camp friends last week and I've been hooked on "Revenge" SO GOOD and I've been plotting some major sabotage (meangirls ;)) not  really sabotage, more like writing post ideas.  Oh yeah and I've been doing homework, like the nerd that I am (when procrastination is nice enough to stay out of my life).  Stay tuned for Camp related greatness mid Novemberish (I am all about precision, can't you tell?)!  Its almost Halloween (hott vampires and legit witches for the win)!

No I am not dressing-up for Halloween, although the final choice is up to Ali (I'm her lifesize Barbie, but Mexican hahahaha).  I LOVED "Halloweentown" from the Disney Channel and "Charmed" was my favorite show for years.  We can't forget about "Harry Potter", "The Vampire Diaries", and even "Twilight" is in my favorite magical selection.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I'm super tired, it's midterm week (more like two weeks) and I have nothing to post because I'm still working on it(and its not that interesting that I would share it)... I'll post Sunday! I miss sleep!!! :(

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I love writing, it is one of the main reasons that this blog is even up. I was told all my life that my writing was fun/easy to read and due to those people this blog was created. I know many people do not like to read, but if you are in fact reading this right now I thank you!

So I figured today I could go off on a rant of why I love writing so much...You see writing is words put together to try to express something and it is all around us!!!  Music lyrics, artists had to write those lyrics that get stuck in your head or identify how you are feeling. All television shows, movies, etc. have a script the actors follow, the dialogue, the actions, everything and anything is first developed into writing on the script for it to be performed. The plot twists and turns, all of the storyline is written before it is ever acted. Broadway musicals, interviews, even when you tweet or update your status you are writing. Newspapers, magazines, the cards Hallmark makes, and obviously books, writing is the essence of all of those!

Besides writing being everywhere, it serves a purpose, it get a message across. My favorite parts of writing are sarcasm, satire, creative, and emotion evoking words. I LOVE it when some words or phrases just speak to me, literally I feel as if the words and I have a connection, they are my voice. It's because of said reason that I love quotes and inspiring/motivational phrases, there is just so much to be identified with certain words. There are words to live by, or simple a ray of light on a gloomy day. I love words because they make writing possible, whether it be to rant or make fiction, my heart smiles when I write. To end this rant I leave you with some food for thought... "Writing is a struggle against silence."

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

P.S. I have personally written poems, essays (persuasive, research, etc.), journalism, fiction, diary/autobiographical writing, and obviously this blog. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I'm tired and have been obssesing over hashtags.  I joined twitter about a month ago (@yoyoyomara) and so I wrote this poem made by only hashtags.  I will post something more substantial Sunday...


Too many hashtags?

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012


So this week I did some pretty good creative writing(although technically you cannot give creative a grade, unless there are requirements that must be made). Nonetheless I didn't feel it was worthy of posting.

Back to the point I was trying to make, I have decided to post today on a Saturday, instead of my usual Sunday because I didn't post Thursday or Friday, so as an apology I would post a day sooner. This all made sense in my head a couple of minutes ago...

The real purpose of this post, hence the title "Pink" is to bring awareness to Breast Cancer month! All of October many stores and companies make the change to sell something pink or donate a percentage of their profits or ask for donations or any combination of those. I have so much respect towards everyone dealing with any kind of cancer or illness, but its so great to see that the survival rate of people with breast cancer has gone up so much. If we all unite for this cause then we can stop this disease from ruining lives!!! I donated five dollars at Ulta and others stores like Old Navy, or food stores are accepting donations as well. I can't say enough to go to the doctor and do all preventative studies that are recommended to you by your doctor. Early detection is your advantage against cancer, use it!!! My mother's half-sister had a malignant tumor several years ago, but with its removal she was fine. Not all cancer stories are this simple, but every fighter/survivor deserves a round of applause. Thank you for reading! :)

To donate:

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spanish Soap Operas/Novelas

Soap operas, no not like the ones that show up during the middle of the day.  I'm talking about the ones in Spanish that are on from seven to ten at night.  Those are the good soap operas, or as my family calls them telenovelas.  In case you have not noticed I watch a lot of television, I blame this obsession on having a nerdy life and wanting to live vicariously through characters lives much moe interesting than my own.  I have also grown up watching novelas, and now I think of it as a bonding time with my parents, its an unbreakable habit.

The qualities I admire most of novelas is the drama, like I said before I have absolutely no drama in my life, so novelas are my required dose.  On top of all the drama and crazy plots where people are adopted, related, poor, rich, seeking revenge, and any other cliche you can think of there is the excessive drama with which the actors portray their characters.  It's just fun to watch that much emotion being portrayed as well as the crazy plot turns and the cheesiness of everything makes it a guilty pleasure.

I think I enjoy them so much because I know that there was writing and creation behind all of it, Monday to Friday they are there for me as inspiration. My personal favorites are "Teresa" and "Rebelde" because there is so much of what I need to be inspired by. "Teresa" is about a poor girl who uses her intelligence and manipulative ways to get rich, but along the way she must sacrifice love to get ahead in life. "Rebelde" is about a high school band that has TONS of drama and love triangles, sometimes squares. I love television a little too much...oops! Good thing I put school before television, otherwise I would not get anything done! You can find the best novelas on Univision, check your local listings (hahaha I sound so official)!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Conflicted present for you!

So I am conflicted... You see I really want to post twice a week, and truly it is only beneficial for me to write, but AAAAHHHH I'm so conflicted!!!  Anyways my point for this post is to post a poem I created in my Creative Writing class.  I'm still missing camp so I decided to take it out on paper and write about it (oh wait that's what I always do).  Think of this as a present in that I wasn't technically going to post today!  As for future weeks I promise Sunday and maybe my class assignments if I feel they are worth sharing on Thursday or Friday (that's fair right?)...

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Inspired by “Dover Beach” Matthew Arnold
Camp Promise
The chairs are parked on the field.
The tide is low, the sun is setting
The last sun rays warm our bodies
Our homes forgotten; the comfort still needed,
Yet as a replacement fun and friendships.
Just seven days, that go by too soon!
No feeling different, or insecure
People are accepting, take me for who I am,
Thank you! you hear my plea
Of desperation which warms my soul, make it smile
Make me happy, writing inspiration unlocked,
Begin to plan writing, but don’t want to leave,
It will hurt to say goodbye, and then
Until next year.
Can I wait that long?
What will fill the time?
My mind will think too much
I can’t stop it; why
I don’t want to,
It gives me something to look forward to.
A Camp of Promise
It promises to be there next summer
To provide sun, wind, pranks, and nostalgia.
I go back there
When I wear my camp t-shirt,
When I close my eyes
The memories must suffice
For the moments I wish I was there.
Next summer
It can’t come soon enough! for me to smile
And absorb the sun with a sense of relief,
I am not alone, there are others,
Like me, with wheels instead of feet,
As a form of mobility.
I am nostalgic,
I need a brain detoxification,
I have a promise.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I LOVE music, who doesn't is really the question!  Music makes you feel an emotion out of nowhere, the lyrics, beat and the rhythmn can automatically make a million memories come back, good or bad. Sometimes you can get sick of a song in a certain point in your life, but when enough time passes then you can tolerate listening to it again (overplaying a song is totally the radio people's fault!).  Sometimes you want to listen to melancholy music, because you may feel that way, or you are deep in thought pondering life.  At other times you just want to rock out to party music (I am guilty of such).  Sometimes you are obsessed with a song and you can't possibly overplay it.  Music is such a psychological connection with how we are feeling, that it definitely heightens our emotion in the moment.  The lyrics are words we aren't willing to admit with ourselves, unless we are brave enough to deal with the vulnerability...okay sorry for getting so deep and analytical, my brain attacked!

Some of my favorite artists include (not because of who they are, but because of their music and I only like certain songs from their albums):
Sara Baraeilles
Katy Perry
Ingrid Michaelson
One Direction
Justin Bieber
Colbie Caillat
Jason Mraz
Taylor Swift
Maroon 5
The Little Mermaid soundtrack
Plain White T's
All American Rejects
Green Day
Justin Timberlake
Pit Bull
And more...

There are a few songs that always make me smile from ear to ear :D
Weezer "Island in the sun"
Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat "Lucky"
Greenday "Good riddance time of your life"
Little Mermaid "Part of your World"
Celia Cruz "Un Carnival"

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Goals

First week of school of my Junior year (drumroll please) accomplished!!! I am all better over my illness for those of you that were still worried. So this post, the ever anticipated fall goals!!!!! I honestly don't know why I'm so excited about this, but I am! So I discovered this new word in the English language, accountability, yup that's it, I'm holding people accountable as well as myself for my goals. This is kind of an outline for my year, you know God willing, to accomplish my goals and to keep a promise to myself. Oh I should tell you all now that all of my classes are super writing and reading heavy so I will most likely only post once a week, sorry :(

Back to the goals-let's do this bullet point style!:
*Maintain good grades and make it on the Dean's list for fall quarter. I've only been on it once in six quarters, so I figure why not try again? If I don't make it on the fall list, then I'll have winter as back-up, but realistically spring isn't even an option (too many distractions!).
*Convince the Fantastic Four from Camp Promise to come back to summer 2013. Their applications are due in December, so I've got to convince them before then. I also need to convince everyone else from this AMAZING community to just apply as a volunteer in April.
*Hold my two friends accountable to their fall goals, loosing weight and saving up money for a trip in December (basically be annoying so they'll thank me for it later).
WINTER (subject to change time allotted):
*Write 5 to 10 different email versions people can copy to email to Ellen Degeneres. I need to make some in Spanish and Arabic as well so it looks like I'm globally known. The purpose you may ask, get Ellen to follow me on twitter, tweet about Camp Promise so people will donate, and go on the show for my 21st birthday in April so I can talk about Camp Promise and all it's marvelousness!!!
SPRING (not subject to change or time allotted):
*Go crazy on twitter, Facebook, maybe even Instagram and obviously my blog so that Ellen gets a bazillion emails, tweets, and messages!
*April 9th, 2013 (my birthday!!! 21 years of life!!!! Happy craziness!!!!) be on the Ellen show talking about Camp Promise sharing my first alcoholic beverage with Ellen (okay the second part doesn't really HAVE to happen)!!!
***Have the best week of my life at Camp Promise with many cool people!!! :D

I know I went from Fall to Summer, but hey you can't hate on me for being motivated!!! So I haven't been this motivated about something since I applied to my dream university and I really want to make this a reality, like I did my education! I have two people holding me accountable from now until Summer and I just hope this dream comes true! I want to make Camp Promise the best for all of its campers and volunteers!! I will keep you all updated on this journey, thank you for reading! :D

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Being Sick

I am sorry, but the fall goals post will have to be on hold and you will have to endure this post on my being sick, may not be fun to read but at least it's medically informative, okay not really! I'm actually feeling a lot better because I started writing this post on Thursday, but honestly I am doing good. Thank you God! :)

So being sick and having SMA type 2 is kind of tricky to say the least, but at least it isn't type 1. So my lungs are not normal, meaning they don't have the lung capacity of a normal human being, but my oxygen stats and coughing power is completely normal. Back to being sick...

So usually I get a miserable combination of symptoms, like the following: earache, nose aches, runny nose, stuffy nose, wheezes, and the worst would be to end up with pneumonia (which has only happened twice, when I was 3 and 7). I know if I'm dangerously sick if I lose my appetite, which has not happened in 3 years (when I got swine flu). So enough of scaring you all, I decided to post this so you know my tips to get better! :)

Drink A LOT of water, eat oranges, eat in general, and albuterol treatments (for people with my weak lungs). Take supplements, like vitamins and all those fun things. If you feel like you can't breathe or pain or your illness has lasted more than 3-5 days, GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! Nothing is worth putting on hold for your health! Oh yeah DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A DOCTOR BY ANY MEANS, (but I do know a lot of doctors ;) hahaha) SO GO TO A DOCTOR AND FIND OUT HOW SICK YOU ARE! Sometimes I get an antibiotic and those are life savers! Nonetheless people, drink lots of water and eat healthy! Stay healthy my readers, because healthy people are happy people! :) I virtually pinky promise the fall goals post on Thursday or Friday. I start school tomorrow, so excited!!! :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So I have been watching the show Revenge on ABC, through Netflix, and I must admit it is really good!  You see I have always had this obsession with good versus evil, the whole justice must be made craziness (I blame all the superhero movies I watch).  I am always rooting for the good side, except when it comes to Damon Salvatore (bad boy for the win), and I will most definitely devote a post to The Vampire Diaries show as season four's beginning is nearer.  So for the most part I always want the good team to win, but the truly great shows are the ones that make you question your choice of who is good and bad, or even better make you fall for the evil character.  There is a Mexican soap opera/telenovela that I LOVE, mostly because the main character is so good at being evil, and I love to hate her, but let's save that for a future post.  Back to Revenge...

I am trying to finish season one, before season two starts (the determination of a university student, oh the irony).  The following may read a pinch of psycho: I love it when people get even, meaning revenge.  I know I would never follow through with an act of revenge, mostly because I have never had to since no one has ever been that mean to me.  Yet watching it on television, seeing Amanda/Emily get revenge and ruin other people's lives, just like they ruined hers gives me this rush of adrenaline.  That is honestly what I love about the show, figuring out the secrets, plot thickeners and twists, and the smarts and sneakiness it takes to take people down psychologically by ruining their lives.  Like I said, I know this makes me sound psycho, but I am also rooting for people in the show to own up to their mistakes and for forgiveness to take place (as if that will bring any ratings hahaha)!  As a writer I greatly admire the plot turns and the voice over that really makes the show extra enticing.

So if you can't tell, I keep mentioning future posts and because I start school on the 24th I don't really know what my blogging schedule will be like.  As I have mentioned before, school is always my first priority, but I do love writing...So I promise to post every Sunday FOR SURE, but posting Wednesday probably won't happen :(. I can however try and post Thursday or Friday, this post however is not a promise and it may or may not happen.  Blogger is super neat in that I can save posts and publish them later, so I will try my best to do that.  Until the next post my readers (it will be about my fall goals, so stay tuned)... :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer gone too soon...

People may not know this about me, but I am kind of connected to the weather emotionally.  What I mean by this is that when it is sunny out I am probably the most happy I can be.  I blame this condition on growing up in California, I really LOVE it there!!!  Now where I am currently residing is a lot better for my lungs, but it's not very sunny here.  In fact in the seven years I have been here, this summer was the most stable with about a whole month of pure sunniness!  Honestly my disability is probably also to blame on my bias of the weather, you see because I do not move a lot my body is colder than an abled bodied, but when the sun is out I feel warmer and I can move more because I do not have to wear as many layers of clothing.  I also seem to associate the brightness of the sun with feeling happy, like the sun beams penetrate my skin and the glow goes into my bloodstream.  I LOVE the sun and this summer was definitely better because of it!  Always remember to wear sunscreen though to prevent skin cancer!  Summer 2013, can you come any faster?!

Summer was good to me! :D

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


DO-IT stands for Disabilities, Oportunities, Internetworking, Technology.  The program consists of giving people with disabilities the tools to go to college.  You can enroll in the program starting your Sophomore year in high school.  The program requires you to spend 1-2 weeks at the University of Washington day and overnight over three years to develop a foundation for your future academic career.  So what I mean by all this, is that DO-IT is a scholarship to participate in this amazing community and learn the tools you need to get ready for college.  I am endlessly thankful for DO-IT because without it I never would have felt as prepared to apply to college and ask for the accommodations I need.  Everything DO-IT teaches it's scholars is useful, I am one of the many examples that have gotten to where I am because of their resources.  After the three year program (if anything were to come up and you could not attend one of the summer program, they would understand) you still stay connected to a huge network of people that have been in the program before you, newcomers, or people in society that wish to get involved with the program.  Through DO-IT scholars find jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, scholarships, and most importantly network.  I love how diverse all the disabilities of this program are--there is physical disabilities (wheelchair bound), blind, deaf, mute, dyslexic, and more.  I feel as if everyone feeds of each other's motivation and as a whole we hope to show society that we have a lot to contribute! :)  To apply or donate click the link:

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The moments...

This is definitely a nostalgic post, while at the same time kind of sad.  Just so you are warned and can avoid reading if you wish.  Growing up I always looked forward to being a certain age, just one more year and I could do this or accomplish that.  I was a kid and I knew I wasn't as healthy as my cousins, I couldn't do everything they did.  Yet I wanted to, SO badly!  I wanted to jump on trees, run across the sprinkler, chase a dog, I just wanted to get out of my chair and walk.  I wanted to stand in all the dresses my mom bought me, not just sit in them.  I was an only child and I wanted, more than anything for kids my age to play with me.  My biggest battle as a child was dressing and undressing Barbie (now she was disabled, couldn't bend to save her life), so I had a bunch of clothes for all my Barbies, but I would have my mom change them.  At one point, I was so frustrated with one doll that I grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped most of her hair off!  Yes my memory is amazing, I can remember some life events from when I was four!  My mom was not happy with the haircut, but she decided to buy me one of those dolls who you do make-up and hair on, and I didn't even have to worry about her clothes!

Now I just want to clarify one thing, since it was asked to me by a friend a day or two ago.  I have never been angry/mad about not being able to walk.  I have been jealous, at times bitter, or the worst is hurt, but never angry. 

There have been numerous moments in my life when obstacles are present, whether it be illness or vanity, but smarts, faith, and hope always get me through!

My mom prays everyday for half an hour and I thank God as much as I can for everyday, for those moments when it feels like God stopped time just so I could enjoy it more!

On the brighter side, some AMAZING HAPPY MOMENTS IN MY LIFE:
Swimming in California beaches, feeling the warm sand grains in between my toes, going to Disneyland and talking to Cinderella and Ariel, going to the OC parks and stuffing my face with tacos and ice cream in company of my parents, getting rewards throughout Elementary school for academic excellence (never got attendance award, darn doctors appointments hahaha), middle school academic awards, high school academic awards, scholarships, University acceptance, healing from various illnesses over various periods of time, meeting true friends, Prom, being spoiled by my parents, those songs that make you smile/dance/cry, the movies that you quote, writing :), and many more!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Friday, September 7, 2012


I am all about advocacy, especially for people with disabilities.  The thing is I am not so good at actually advocating for the bigger group as a whole.  The only real community advocating for people with disabilities I feel I have actually collaborated in was my research paper from a couple posts ago.  Honestly advocating, even just for myself scares me because although society has grown in its acceptance towards people with disabilities it is still a situation I find unpleasant.  I guess this blog is my form of advocacy, in a write to inform people what I can do and what I do differently.  My reason for this post is mostly to admire another writer's handiwork.  Kyann, a delightful girl with muscular dystrophy I met at camp also has a blog.  Kyann's posts really get to the point, and her writing bleeds advocacy for everyone!  She provides exact examples and does all of her research to prove her point, which is right!  You could say I praise her because we're friends, but no lie go check out the link.  Kyann your writing is so B.A., I admire it!  I am biased and love her Camp Promise post the most! :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


"Time", it seems like any other word--ordinary, simple, and spoken.  The thing is that that four letter word embodies much more than it's letter count.  Time can be the time of day, a time zone, time spent, time lost, or even time left.  An appointment/date can be something you are looking forward to or completely dreading.  It can be a memory or belief like 11:11, wanting to remember what happened at that exact time or making a wish.  Time can be a curfew, and you can be Cinderella.  Time can fly by and you wish it did or did not.  Time can be frozen and you feel like it's against you or you are happy in the moment.  Sometimes you may feel like you let time slip from your hands, while at other times you feel like you accomplish a lot in an allotted time.  Time of day brings darkness or light.  Time zones makes you wonder what other people are doing (my mommy went on vacation to Mexico and I miss her so!!!).  Time left on this planet makes you wonder just how long you'll really live, will you wake-up tomorrow or die many years from now?  Sometimes you can feel a hybrid of feelings about the time.  I speak about time like this from a 20 year old lifetime of experience.  Time is of the essence, so enjoy your loved ones today and make life goals, just keep up with the ticking clock of time...tick-tock :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Today is the annual MDA telethon, a telethon I am very thankful for.  MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) fundraises every year, and throughout the year, to have as much funding as possible for its recipients.  I am one of those recipients, that when the state does not cover a certain expense MDA covers the balance.  There is a variety of neuromuscular diseases that fall under the coverage of MDA, and all of these diseases require very expensive equipment that makes our day to day living easier.  Wheelchairs can range from five thousand dollars to sixty thousand and more.  Then wheelchair maintenance and repairs are also very expensive.  Bath chairs, battery chargers, breathing machines, and other accommodation equipment costs a lot of money.  Not to mention hospitalizations, vaccines, medication, and routine appointments.  If the government and MDA did not help with these costs all of us would be broke.  So I just want to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, if you have ever donated please know that your contribution made a difference!  To check out the MDA awesomeness go to the link:

Thank you! :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I think it is because I am still on a camp high, but I feel excessively inspired (if that is even possible)!  I am often told that I am an inspiration, but honestly I feed so much off of others triumphs that I feel like my inspiration to be the way I am comes from seeing other people.  I am very varied in where I get my inspiration from, but that is what makes me appreciate every person that much more.  All individuals have certain qualities that make them unforgettable.  At camp I really saw that I am beyond blessed, in terms of my disability and living condition.  The stories I heard and the amount of bravery and tenacity I saw made me appreciate my life even more.  There are also the cases of people I do not know in person, but through the Internet and media that inspire me to keep making goals for myself (in Glee words, "don't stop believing").  The following are just a few of the many people I appreciate are on this earth...

Talia: Is a teenage girl with two types of cancers that makes YouTube beauty videos.  She is such a bright spirit and has so much joy when she's talking about her make-up.  She does not let her cancer stop her from feeling beautiful :)

Ben Mattlin: A Harvard graduate who has SMA (like me!!!) and a writer for NPR, as well as other distinguished writing venues.  His new book was recently published, I loved the excerpt and I bet I will love the book (stay tuned for a post on the book)!

Ellen Degeneres: Ellen is like a crazier version of Oprah (in a good way). Ellen gives back so much to the world, she tries to lend a helping hand at all times.  She is one of my favorite media people because she knows that laughter is the best medicine!

I have many more people, famous and close friends that I admire that I will post on soon! In the wise words of Ellen, "Be kind to one another!" :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Friday, August 31, 2012


I am a University student and I have written many research essays up to today, but one I am particularly proud of is the one below.  The prompt was to find an image and analyze the who, what, when, where, why, and how of all it embodies.  I chose the International Symbol of Access, better known as the symbol on disabled parking or any place where people with a physical disabilty can access.   I found the essay challenging, but it was the ultimate writing reward when I was proud of my writing.  I live to write, and write to live...

Defining the ISA: Disabilities and All
            Disabled people are in different parts of the world, but the fact of the matter is that their existence makes it so that accommodations must be available to them internationally.  The International Symbol of Access or ISA, better known as the handicapped symbol, serves the purpose of accommodating people with disabilities wherever the symbol is shown.  It is important to analyze the ideology, Stuart Hall defines as, “those images, concepts and premises which provide the frameworks through which we represent, interpret, understand and ‘make sense’ of some aspect of social existence” (Hall 81).  The ISA is associated within the United States government and media, in the way it symbolizes disabilities.  The importance is based on the ISA being an iconic symbol and the disabled people being represented by said symbol.  There are more than just physical disabilities to be represented by that symbol, and only that symbol.  The debates around this symbol are to make modifications to it or keep it the same, but it needs to be revised in terms of the associations to it, because that is the problem not the actual image.  This change will make the ISA stand for its initial purpose and distinguish disabilities individually.
            The ISA was designed by Susan Koefoed in 1968, upon the request of the Rehabilitation International’s International Commission on Technology and Accessibility (ICTA).  This came to be because there was an ongoing need for a symbol to “designate accessible facilities” and “different access symbols were already in use in France, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States”.  The story then went that Karl Montan, first Director of the Swedish Handicap Institute and Chair of the RI International Commission for Technical Aids (ICTA) was asked if the organization could make a design in time to present to the Eleventh World Congress in Dublin in 1969.  Requirements for the symbol were that it “must be readily identifiable from a reasonable distance; must be self-descriptive, must be simple yet esthetically designed with no secondary meaning, and must be practical,” to these requirements Susan Koefoed, a Danish graphic design student, responded and submitted her design, a simple motif of a stick figure using a wheelchair that indicated accessibility.  The winner was Koefoed’s design as it was unanimously chosen and then the World Congress formally adopted the symbol in 1969.  The ICTA copyrighted the symbol and knowledge of Susan Koefoed’s whereabouts are unknown after this time; she disappeared as the sign became an icon.  Distribution of the sign then followed and was successful with the help of 3M, a corporation that sells self-adhesives.  Then “there was some debate over whether to patent the design,” however it was decided that option would be too complex.  So, “a resolution magnanimously was put forward recommending that it be made a gift to mankind” (Symbol of Access).  The process of making the symbol official was very time consuming, but the amount of effort put into caused it to become widespread and iconic.
The ISA, as an acronym seems really important and when people see it that is the case as well.  The symbol is made to appear as a person in a wheelchair, but it does so beyond simplicity.  The shape outlining the symbol is a rectangle and inside is the figurine.  The figure is sitting at about eighty-five degrees with it’s knees half-bent and it’s feet on foot rests.  It is in between a stick figure and a sort of block-looking body.  It’s arms are straight forward and it is facing to the right.  The head is represented by an oval, but there is no facial expression or features, it is blank.  The only representation of a wheelchair is a half circle under the figure’s waist and calves.  The figure has absolutely no curves or sign of fat, or hair, or accessories.  There is no personality for the figure, it’s gender is unknown, and the disability is unknown, just that they are wheelchair bound.  The wheelchair is only a basic wheelchair representation, no handle bars or a motor for electric wheelchairs.  The color of the figure and wheelchair is usually white, while the rest of the rectangle is a generic blue color, unless the symbol is engraved somehow, then these colors do not apply (Koefoed).  The size of the symbol depends on where it is located.  There is no identity to this symbol, besides a person in a wheelchair, but somehow plain and simple works in most cases, as long the size of the sign is visible enough.  The iconic symbol is intended for the use of disabled people accessibility, but it has come to be seen as an ideology for any disability.
The ISA started as a symbol that would show areas of accessibility, but as time went on more people with disabilities were born, and people started associating the word ‘disabled/disability’ with the ISA.  A dictionary definition of disability is, “inability to pursue an occupation because of a physical or mental impairment” (Merriam-Webster Online), which shows that the ISA does not fit the definition perfectly, because wheelchair bound people, are not always mentally disabled as well, in fact there are people that are only affected in the spine, not the brain.  As Liat Ben-Moshe and Justin J.W. Powell say the ISA has “become arguably the most widely recognized representation of disability” (Ben-Moshe and Powell 489).  Hall explains that “ideologies do not consist of isolated and separate concepts” which is why since disabled people’s rights started to be advocated and heard by the government, the ISA and it’s associations has spread into everyday life.  The ISA serves it’s purpose but, “recognition, awareness, boundary drawing and even identity formation also result from usage of the ISA, intended or not,” the impact of all these factors are difficult to measure, but their importance cannot be denied (Ben-Moshe and Powell 493).  It is almost like the disabled person looses all personality; they become the ISA and are viewed that way.  The ISA represents disability and designates spaces where it can exist, but it also defines the boundaries of physical otherness, (Ben-Moshe and Powell 494) which shows the limits disabled people are confined to.  The ISA has become not just as a symbol of access, but of the meaning of disability itself, (Ben-Moshe and Powell 495) which makes the symbol unfair to viewers and users because they do not get the individual’s identity.  There is also the issue of keeping the symbol politically correct, so that there are no lawsuits against the government and no people offended, “debate and dialogue about access symbols reflects, and should refer to, the politics of disability representation, especially given the lack of democratically organized decision-making about such a key symbol of and for disabled people” (Ben-Moshe and Powell 496).  The ISA represents access for disabled people, as it’s name suggests, not just wheelchair users, (Ben-Moshe and Powell 497) but some disabilities do not identify at all with the symbol, and invisible disabilities like dyslexia do not really have a need to park in disabled parking, when they can walk.  There is the disability that is only for a certain amount of time, like a broken leg, then there is old age, blindness, deaf, mute, and mental disabilities.  Even when there are people that are in a wheelchair, like the ISA, there are still various physical body diseases that cause being wheelchair bound.  The mistakes of the symbol include, the circle on the stick figure representing a head can lead viewers to interpreting the ISA with personification. The symbol also produces ambiguity over the terms of ‘disability’ or ‘person’.  “Although the figure in the symbol refers to a human being, the contour represents mostly the wheelchair, which reinforces a common cultural misconception that people with mobility impairments are ‘confined’ or ‘bound’ to their wheelchairs” (Ben-Moshe 498).  The confinement of the wheelchair is inaccurate because although people may be wheelchair bound, eventually they get out of their chair for necessary reasons.  Nonetheless, the ISA created the ongoing disability movement that caused a ripple effect to better the lives of disabled people.
A major component that came after the ISA is the American Disabilities Act (ADA), signed into effect July 26, 1990 by President George Bush.  The ADA is applied to many locations in the United States, buildings must be accessible and there cannot be any discrimination due to one’s disability.  “The ADA applies to qualified individuals with disabilities who (1) have physical or mental impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities; (2) have a record of such impairments; or (3) are regarded as having such impairments. In addition, the ADA protects persons from discrimination based on an association or relationship with an individual with a disability,” (Asenjo 113) and more than anything the ADA is evident in the work environment, meaning they can have certain accommodations in the workforce.  The ADA is an act to be taken seriously, since it is enforced under the same procedures applicable to race, color, sex, national origin, and religious discrimination under title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Civil Rights Act of 1991 (Asenjo 114) which means if it is not followed there could be incriminating charges.  The ADA, unlike the ISA has modifications made from time to time, to satisfy the ongoing needs of disabled persons.
Another aspect the ISA falls under is the United States Department of Transportation, with the symbol on license plates and temporary disabled placards.  As of April 10, 1991 the cars rules have been implemented, the Informed System for Handicapped Parking requires all state license plates issued to people with a disability to include a three-inch-square image of the ISA for people with long-term disabilities (Travel Advisory; Parking Rules For the Disabled).  For short-term or temporary disabilities, there must be placards available of the same size and color, to be hung from a car's rear-view mirror, which clearly display the symbol. Disabled drivers have the right to more than one copy of the placard so it can also be displayed in multiple car owners (Travel Advisory; Parking Rules For the Disabled).  The matter of parking in an accessible spot is serious to the last detail, because those with temporary disabilities, such as a broken leg, a placard will be available, with a doctor's authorization, granting disability parking status for up to six months. The temporary placards will be red, while the placards for permanent disability are blue and they will list the issuing state and the date of expiration (Travel Advisory; Parking Rules For the Disabled).  There is also the accommodation of cars with ramps for wheelchairs, and rentals, along with the parking placard.
When we put things into perspective the United States is quite advanced in the disability movement, compared to other countries, even though the disabled symbol is international.  For example, in Canada the intent to move forward into a disability movement seems impossible because there are so many reactions towards advocating for the disabled that the community at large cannot come to an agreement.  The different reactions to a federal disability law can create challenges for the disability movement in building a consensus, to bring various groups together that communicate a clear message to government representative, and in how to raise public awareness of disability issues, (Prince 201) which makes Canada’s improvement seem as if it were not tangible.  The United States is even a role model for Canada, and serves as a guide as to how the ADA came to be from the ISA, the Canadian audience, given their system of federalism, is interested in how the legislation relates to intergovernmental relations, basically how the law is incorporated into the disability movement (Prince 203).  However, it seems people in the United States are not happy with their current situation, “A majority of respondents (60 percent) rated accessibility better for Title IV (telecommunications), while just under half (48 percent) rated accessibility for Title II (public sector) better, and only one-third of respondents (32 percent) rated access for Title III (private sector) better since the passage of the ADA,” (Prince 204) even when Canada has less accommodations for the disabled.  Every country has different disability accommodations, but the ISA is in all of them.
A place where we see the ISA almost everywhere is in the United States.  Since it is a requirement in any public buildings the symbol can be seen several times a day, if one is out and about.  So, the initial place one sees the ISA is the parking lot, it is used to show there is an easier and closer entrance to said building.  The symbol is of the blue and white colors, usually on a pole or mounted on the wall.  Once one is approaching the building there should be an ISA, probably just the figure, no color.  Next to the ISA or on it should be a mechanical button, that when pushed will open the door.  The other place that has the ISA is the outside of a public bathroom, either on the door or the wall next to the door.  There may or may not be a button that will open the bathroom, but the ISA indicates that there is a larger stall for the disabled, and a sink that has easier access, either by being lower or not having a pipe under it.  Another example would be larger dressing rooms in clothing stores.  These examples show that there is consideration of the disabled, but also that wherever the ISA is not located the disabled people cannot access it.  All of these examples are for the physically disabled because they need the accessibility to go to public places, but there are people out there that are not even disabled in any way possible and still use some of these services.  The idea that something is made for a particular group of people and can just be abused by others is confusing to why disabled people are labeled sometimes by those that use the ISA illegally.
The problem with the ISA being the ideology of people with disabilities is that the idea forgets to mention that everyone associated with the ISA is not wheelchair bound.  In television shows there is sometimes the character that has a disability, mainly being wheelchair bound or blind.  Hall explains the way media has a huge influence on an ideology, “The media are not only a powerful source of ideas about race.  They are also one place where these ideas are articulated, worked on, transformed and elaborated,” (Hall 82).  People with disabilities are often produced in a matter that evokes the audience with pity and fear.  Artie from the hit show, Glee, becomes a paraplegic after a drunk driver crashed with his vehicle.  This shows the instance of how someone can be perfectly fine one moment and the next be bound to a wheelchair for life (Fox Television Shows).  The viewer is now aware it can happen to them, or the opposite situation, if one drinks and drives the possibility of ruining someone’s mobility is a consequence, not to mention the lawsuit.  Another example is the show Degrassi, where a character named Jimmy is shot after a prank makes a classmate very mad and said classmate shoots Jimmy (  This example instills fear in the consequences of playing pranks, but both of these examples are a cause and effect.  There are people born with a physical disability as well, but those are rarely if at all mentioned in shows.  Maybe it is so because the idea of conceiving a baby and it being born with a disability invokes fear in conceiving overall, and that would probably not bring higher ratings.  The importance is based on the truth of all disabilities, and the ISA simply standing for itself, not the words ‘disabled’ or ‘disability’.  The spread of this ideology in television should serve as a means to adapt to the growing disability community and create a larger understanding of the disabilities and people associated with the ISA. 

Adios readers,
Yomara :)