Sunday, November 18, 2012

Compliment Letter for Fantastic Four

Today I am posting something super related to camp, so if you do not like reading about my camp addiction (who wouldn't is really the question?!) don't read on (but read the bolded part), but this is your warning...IT'S ALL ABOUT CAMP!  On the bright side, it will be substantially long :) so I'm sorry I didn't post Thursday/Friday.

So in high school I had the most fabulous writing/journalism/english teacher (Mrs. Wright :)) and she would have us make a portfolio of our writing and every time we wrote something for the newspaper it would be added to the portfolio.  My favorite part of the portfolio is that every month she would write you a short compliment letter.  Due to desperate measures, this is a compliment/begging letter for the Fantastic Four from camp (Michael, Lewis, Ben, and Elliot).

Michael is doing this super amazing 4K bicycle run this summer (BUT IT ENDS BEFORE CAMP!) that raises money and awareness for young adults with cancer.  Michael is one of the thirty college age students going from Baltimore to San Franciso in 70 days!!! To help him raise money and reach his goal of six thousand dollars go to:

I hope you apply in April to be a counselor for CPW! :)

So here's the deal: I found out (Ben told me) that their nine week application is due in less than a month and they were such a fantastic addition to camp that they HAVE to come back.  All the other counselors and staff for Camp Promise apply in April (you will get your compliment letter in March :)).  So read on for compliments and desperate begging.

Reason ONE: I know you all want to see each other, let's face it your guys' bromance cannot be hidden because it's just so adorable.
Reason TWO: Your cabins think you are AWESOME!!!  Represent!
Reason THREE: Your campers will miss you, all of CPW would miss you!!!
Reason FOUR: Purple cabin would cry if you don't come back, no joke, real tears... :'(
Reason FIVE: PLEASE!!!!!!! You know you want to come back.  I would get down on my knees and beg, but I can't (<--- that's devotion right there).

Michael: You're SO nice, literally an angel.  Your dance moves are legendary.  Your heart is so big, and your patience is endless. :)

Lewis: You're funny and good at being funny.  You make us all laugh/smile and laughter is the best medicine ever.  You can jump really high, I'm impressed. :)

Elliot: Your last name is super cool.  You always lent a helping hand, literally, when the toilets got plugged. I still have a bunch of questions to ask you, so that I can have more content with which to compliment you with. :)

Ben:  You are swell and your sarcasm is enjoyable.  You have impecable taste in clothes (not always in shoes :p) and I guess you're pretty cool. :)

Last, but not least thank you for reading this! :D

Adios readers,
Yomara :)


  1. I completely agree with all of Yomara's reasoning as to why you all should come back! I would love to get to know all of you better!

    The sadness that would flow from the Purple cabin would be overwhelming if you all did not come back...the thing about real tears is absolutely true! You don't want to make a bunch of sweet girls cry, do you? (laying on the guilt trip)

    Besides, you haven't seen the extent of my artistic skills yet. So, if you promise to come back I will draw each of you whatever you want! (within reason) I'll bring them with me to camp as an awesome present!

    Seriously though, you were all amazing. The happiness that you infused with your injection of spirit and energy was insatiable, undeniable, and irreplaceable! So, please, do come back! I hope that you all enjoyed your time with us as we did!

    Yomara, you are incredibly awesome beyond words for writing this up! I miss you and hope to get to see you soon! If nothing else, we can continue to keep in touch via the awesome powers of the internet!


    1. Danielle :) you are my first official comment!!! Thank you for all the support!!

  2. Props to Yomara! You are amazingly fantastic! I don't believe CPW could be the same without them either. (Or you, YoYo, for that matter.) :)

    Michael: I loved your smile and the cheerful nature you have. You made Orange Cabin an even brighter place. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with you one on one and your outlook on life. If Yomara's plea didn't completely win you over, I will drag you back myself. ;)

    1. Nick thank you for the support!!! You and Danielle made my day!!! :)