Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spanish Soap Operas/Novelas

Soap operas, no not like the ones that show up during the middle of the day.  I'm talking about the ones in Spanish that are on from seven to ten at night.  Those are the good soap operas, or as my family calls them telenovelas.  In case you have not noticed I watch a lot of television, I blame this obsession on having a nerdy life and wanting to live vicariously through characters lives much moe interesting than my own.  I have also grown up watching novelas, and now I think of it as a bonding time with my parents, its an unbreakable habit.

The qualities I admire most of novelas is the drama, like I said before I have absolutely no drama in my life, so novelas are my required dose.  On top of all the drama and crazy plots where people are adopted, related, poor, rich, seeking revenge, and any other cliche you can think of there is the excessive drama with which the actors portray their characters.  It's just fun to watch that much emotion being portrayed as well as the crazy plot turns and the cheesiness of everything makes it a guilty pleasure.

I think I enjoy them so much because I know that there was writing and creation behind all of it, Monday to Friday they are there for me as inspiration. My personal favorites are "Teresa" and "Rebelde" because there is so much of what I need to be inspired by. "Teresa" is about a poor girl who uses her intelligence and manipulative ways to get rich, but along the way she must sacrifice love to get ahead in life. "Rebelde" is about a high school band that has TONS of drama and love triangles, sometimes squares. I love television a little too much...oops! Good thing I put school before television, otherwise I would not get anything done! You can find the best novelas on Univision, check your local listings (hahaha I sound so official)!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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