Sunday, September 9, 2012

The moments...

This is definitely a nostalgic post, while at the same time kind of sad.  Just so you are warned and can avoid reading if you wish.  Growing up I always looked forward to being a certain age, just one more year and I could do this or accomplish that.  I was a kid and I knew I wasn't as healthy as my cousins, I couldn't do everything they did.  Yet I wanted to, SO badly!  I wanted to jump on trees, run across the sprinkler, chase a dog, I just wanted to get out of my chair and walk.  I wanted to stand in all the dresses my mom bought me, not just sit in them.  I was an only child and I wanted, more than anything for kids my age to play with me.  My biggest battle as a child was dressing and undressing Barbie (now she was disabled, couldn't bend to save her life), so I had a bunch of clothes for all my Barbies, but I would have my mom change them.  At one point, I was so frustrated with one doll that I grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped most of her hair off!  Yes my memory is amazing, I can remember some life events from when I was four!  My mom was not happy with the haircut, but she decided to buy me one of those dolls who you do make-up and hair on, and I didn't even have to worry about her clothes!

Now I just want to clarify one thing, since it was asked to me by a friend a day or two ago.  I have never been angry/mad about not being able to walk.  I have been jealous, at times bitter, or the worst is hurt, but never angry. 

There have been numerous moments in my life when obstacles are present, whether it be illness or vanity, but smarts, faith, and hope always get me through!

My mom prays everyday for half an hour and I thank God as much as I can for everyday, for those moments when it feels like God stopped time just so I could enjoy it more!

On the brighter side, some AMAZING HAPPY MOMENTS IN MY LIFE:
Swimming in California beaches, feeling the warm sand grains in between my toes, going to Disneyland and talking to Cinderella and Ariel, going to the OC parks and stuffing my face with tacos and ice cream in company of my parents, getting rewards throughout Elementary school for academic excellence (never got attendance award, darn doctors appointments hahaha), middle school academic awards, high school academic awards, scholarships, University acceptance, healing from various illnesses over various periods of time, meeting true friends, Prom, being spoiled by my parents, those songs that make you smile/dance/cry, the movies that you quote, writing :), and many more!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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