Thursday, July 17, 2014


Yes, you read the title correctly! I am a university graduate!!! AAAAAHHHHH who would of thought it would happen so fast, since my last blog post was in September.  I graduated on June 15th, 2014 and it was very exciting, but more than that it took a really long time!  The ceremony started late and since I had to be there early I did not eat enough breakfast, by the time the ceremony started I already wanted to eat my cap and gown.  I tried to think about anything other than food, but when you try to avoid thinking about something is when you want it the most!  It's kind of funny and sad at the same time that instead of focusing on such an accomplishment I was focused on complaining and being hungry.  I guess the triangle of needs is really true, first you focus on surviving and lastly you focus on self actualization. Not to mention that because it was raining two hours before the ceremony and graduates had to wait outside I had to hide near the entrance to escape the rain.  I know it sounds like I did not appreciate my graduation, and I completely did because we had a great guest speaker and since we started late everyone involved in the ceremony did whatever possible to make it go faster, but it was just such a long event.  It may also be the fact that I remember high school graduation being so much shorter than this one, due to the less number of people.  After the ceremony my family and I booked it to get out of the parking as soon as possible and go to the restaurant to celebrate, more importantly to me: eat!  I chose Azteca because even though I'm Mexican I still really love Mexican food at any moment!  I did not want a party just because the day did not allow time to plan a party around it.  Speaking of that day, it was Father's Day and I probably gave my dad the best present ever: a degree that he did not have to pay for because of my scholarships!  I also got him a gift card because how could I not? 

The best part of that day was definitely spending numerous hours with Ali after I hadn't seen her for so long!!!  She made the annoying hunger subside with her awesome humor and sarcasm.  Ali is like the sister I always wanted, and it was very important to me that she be there because she's no longer my caregiver (a post on that later). 

So I'm a graduate at now I'm trying to find employment, so potential employers trust me you want a Yomara in your company!  Drumroll please, I achieved what I thought would be impossible for me: making it on the Dean's List the WHOLE YEAR (3 quarters) even with my double major!!! Oh yeah, after my Media and Communication Studies major I became really interested in the impact of media in society and how society works so I added the Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior major.  I'm sorry I've been gone a whole 9+ months, but my baby has always been school and after 16 years in school I am so grateful that I have gotten the opportunity to learn from some great professors and learn material that gives me a broader perspective into society.  I am an extremely lucky individual and I hope good things will come from my education.  So far, I am not going to graduate school, but who knows what the future holds?!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

For when I'm not blogging...

I know sometimes I disappear and completely don't blog, so for those instances when I fall off the face of the earth here are some AMAZING blogs (and might I mention their blogging schedule is also very variable).  The only reason I make this post is because I am entering my Senior year and I'm petrified, and have no idea how often I'll be blogging due to the crazy amount of video creating and editing I'll be doing, but I know in the end I'll be able to show you all some awesome videos.

Shelby a Fashion Guru:

Kyann an accessibility advocate:

Allegra a writer on the rise:

Shane an SMA comedian and advocate:

Hillabush couple working in the Philippines (their daughter is my caregiver!):

Jenica a seeing impairment advocate:

Happy reading!!!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

P.S. I'm STILL going to blog, I just don't really have a set schedule when, but honestly did I even have one before?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Winter Quarter 2012

It's crazy to think that Winter Quarter was almost a year ago, but either way I am reflecting on it now. My biggest mistake of that quarter was Burlesque, no really that was the one class in all my years of education that I most regret.  It was just not for me, I'm a shy and not-okay-with-nudity person and although the class was titled feminism, it definitely did not feel like it.  My friend, also in a wheelchair took the class with me and the looks we both received were priceless.  We were required to make pasties (nope not pastries, you read correctly...pasties) as well as watch our fellow classmates perform.  It was the most awkward experience ever.  My so-called social experiment on the world regarding their reaction to two girls in wheelchairs was pretty much an epic fail because the class itself was so awkward.  Nonetheless, my friend definitely made the class bearable and we just laughed at the pity and awkward looks.  Even though I did not particularly enjoy the class, my friend has started a pasties-making business and has extended her creativity, so yay for her. :)

On the bright side my other two classes were very enjoyable, stressful and intense, but very rewarding in the educational department.  I took Media Across Cultures and a Social Movement class, both of these classes made me see that as individuals who participate in social media we can have a huge impact in this world.  These classes just made me much more aware of how much I use social media, like this blog, and what it can be used for, not just the conventional, as well as the pros and cons.  Knowledge is definitely power! Stay tuned for my Spring Quarter post!!!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Where have I been this whole summer?!

I know, I know where has Yomara been the whole summer? Honestly I've been getting a lot of tasks done, some fun, some just plain tedious, but nonetheless I have accomplished several things this summer.  Number one on the list was, and is because I haven't finished, going to my new hospital and meeting all my new doctors, I was officially let go from Children's because I am twenty-one, although let's be honest I have a young face and could easily pass for a twelve year old.  I took a five credit class that was condensed into a month instead of the usual ten week quarter system, that was intense because I had to put my brain on the topic of Social Research for a month!  Luckily the class was really interesting and taught me how much social research is a part of everyday life, not to mention our professor was really funny and that made the class go by a lot quicker. Last, but certainly not least, I was busy trying to raise awareness about Camp Promise and the fact that we were quickly approaching our deadline, but had not reached our fundraising goal. It was a very close call, but thanks to so many great donors camp was able to happen. Just like last year it was most definitely the best week of my year!!!!!!  I got to hang out with all my old friends, meet some new ones, and make more EPIC memories to suffice until the next time we get to see each other. I have many exciting news so stay tuned!!!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


We all experience defeat sooner or later in life, sadly it is often sooner rather than later.  To start off my defeat rant I acknowledge that I have not posted anything for more than three months, I was defeated by school.  Yes school won a round this year, but stay tuned to the end of  this post to hear how I punched school in the face! I had two of my core classes this year, one in winter quarter and one in spring quarter, which is why I was determined to get respectful grades in both classes.  Even when I had time to write all I could think about was the upcoming assignments I had to do.  Spring break was almost non-existent because I had a huge paper due the last day of finals week, and then the week of vacation I had I spent sleeping, watching television, and hanging out with friends.  So in terms of being loyal to my writing and this blog I was defeated, but if it's any consolation to myself I had to read and write so much these last six months that at least I know I was technically still writing.

Now although my writing is very important to me there is another way that I was defeated, play the violins now, I didn't get on the Ellen show.  Let's be honest that deserves a sad face :(  It's weird to admit this defeat because I felt so much support from my camp family and people that I have had the pleasure of meeting that I was honestly a bit surprised she never contacted me.  I put so much effort into all the possible ways I could reach Ellen that it was disappointing when my birthday came around and I didn't make it on the show.  The thing is things happen for a reason and I'm still a huge Ellen fan and I LOVE her show especially watching the great things she does for some very deserving people.  Most importantly she spreads joy and laughter through her show, so I only hope she keeps doing so! :)

I have many blog posts ideas so stay tuned my readers on my last year as an undergraduate!!!!!! :O  Oh did I mention I made it on the DEAN'S LIST for Spring quarter?!?!?!?!  Remember I had said that that was almost impossible for me because it's so hard to focus on school in the Spring, well I proved myself wrong and defeated the limitations I had imposed on myself!  I was also published in my university's online health magazine and made my first video project EVER!!!  I also stayed healthy and have managed to recruit and fundraise for camp! So if you ever feel defeated just keep swimming and you'll eventually reach a beautiful coral reef :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Monday, April 15, 2013


So in case you have not gotten my recurring theme recently I will type it out for you: live today as if its your last. I'm not trying to sound depressing, but instead urging everyone of you to seize the day. Many situations have been happening this year in my life where people have died (from camp and distant family) or stuff I hear about on the news that is more evil and unjust from what I'm used to hearing about. Recently watching the Shane Burcaw video and The Buried Life I just keep realizing that life is so short and who knows if we're here tomorrow.  I guess what I'm trying to say is appreciate the good things in your life and tell the people you love that you love them.  Last week's episode on Glee made me think what I would do or say if I was going to die within a couple of hours or minutes.  So in light of so many recent events, like the bombs in Boston and the Sandy Hook shooting, don't take any day for granted.

Stay safe readers and adios,
Yomara :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I spent most of this video trying not to cry...

This video is pure gold!!! Shane has the same disability as me, but a bit more severe. The guy is soooo funny, this is how I try to see life with comedy relief. :) His blog is also legit!!!

I'll post things of value this weekend, promise!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)