Sunday, October 21, 2012


I love writing, it is one of the main reasons that this blog is even up. I was told all my life that my writing was fun/easy to read and due to those people this blog was created. I know many people do not like to read, but if you are in fact reading this right now I thank you!

So I figured today I could go off on a rant of why I love writing so much...You see writing is words put together to try to express something and it is all around us!!!  Music lyrics, artists had to write those lyrics that get stuck in your head or identify how you are feeling. All television shows, movies, etc. have a script the actors follow, the dialogue, the actions, everything and anything is first developed into writing on the script for it to be performed. The plot twists and turns, all of the storyline is written before it is ever acted. Broadway musicals, interviews, even when you tweet or update your status you are writing. Newspapers, magazines, the cards Hallmark makes, and obviously books, writing is the essence of all of those!

Besides writing being everywhere, it serves a purpose, it get a message across. My favorite parts of writing are sarcasm, satire, creative, and emotion evoking words. I LOVE it when some words or phrases just speak to me, literally I feel as if the words and I have a connection, they are my voice. It's because of said reason that I love quotes and inspiring/motivational phrases, there is just so much to be identified with certain words. There are words to live by, or simple a ray of light on a gloomy day. I love words because they make writing possible, whether it be to rant or make fiction, my heart smiles when I write. To end this rant I leave you with some food for thought... "Writing is a struggle against silence."

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

P.S. I have personally written poems, essays (persuasive, research, etc.), journalism, fiction, diary/autobiographical writing, and obviously this blog. :)

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