Sunday, September 2, 2012


Today is the annual MDA telethon, a telethon I am very thankful for.  MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) fundraises every year, and throughout the year, to have as much funding as possible for its recipients.  I am one of those recipients, that when the state does not cover a certain expense MDA covers the balance.  There is a variety of neuromuscular diseases that fall under the coverage of MDA, and all of these diseases require very expensive equipment that makes our day to day living easier.  Wheelchairs can range from five thousand dollars to sixty thousand and more.  Then wheelchair maintenance and repairs are also very expensive.  Bath chairs, battery chargers, breathing machines, and other accommodation equipment costs a lot of money.  Not to mention hospitalizations, vaccines, medication, and routine appointments.  If the government and MDA did not help with these costs all of us would be broke.  So I just want to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, if you have ever donated please know that your contribution made a difference!  To check out the MDA awesomeness go to the link:

Thank you! :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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