Sunday, November 4, 2012


So in case you haven't noticed I figured I would point it out: I've been posting for five months!!! (I really like the number five, like its my favorite number!) School is going well, really busy reading and writing, but this blog is my escape whenever I start to get tired of academic writing, so thank you to whoever is reading this, I appreciate you!

Speaking of people who read this blog, after I shared it with my community of friends I have felt way more comfortable with writing because I know that my friends enjoy reading it and if there are other people that come across this blog and like it, then I couldn't really ask for anything else. :) I hope those who do read this blog feel that they are getting to know me, because that means people can see that just because I have a disability doesn't mean that I'm not a normal twenty year old. Thank you times double infinity (Revenge reference!)!!!

I am working on other posts, I have the ideas I just need the time to write them (four weeks until winter break!!!!). I promise that during winter break I'll post twice a week! This year I'm trying really hard to have somewhat of a social life, so that has also been taking effort(its hard for nerds to have fun!). I think I am on track for the Deans List, and drumroll please...I FINALLY chose my major...MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS! :) I am so happy with my choice! :) :) :)

As for the Camp Promise plans they are still in full effect, whenever I write "#majorpromises" it will mean that I am working on that master plan (inspired from mean girls when they say "major sabotage" ;)) and whenever I write "#crushedit" or "#aca-awesome (inspired by pitch perfect ;)) it will mean I will mean I got something done! Stay tuned for this epic master plan! :D Follow me on twitter for more consistent updates (@yoyoyomara)!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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