Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So I have been watching the show Revenge on ABC, through Netflix, and I must admit it is really good!  You see I have always had this obsession with good versus evil, the whole justice must be made craziness (I blame all the superhero movies I watch).  I am always rooting for the good side, except when it comes to Damon Salvatore (bad boy for the win), and I will most definitely devote a post to The Vampire Diaries show as season four's beginning is nearer.  So for the most part I always want the good team to win, but the truly great shows are the ones that make you question your choice of who is good and bad, or even better make you fall for the evil character.  There is a Mexican soap opera/telenovela that I LOVE, mostly because the main character is so good at being evil, and I love to hate her, but let's save that for a future post.  Back to Revenge...

I am trying to finish season one, before season two starts (the determination of a university student, oh the irony).  The following may read a pinch of psycho: I love it when people get even, meaning revenge.  I know I would never follow through with an act of revenge, mostly because I have never had to since no one has ever been that mean to me.  Yet watching it on television, seeing Amanda/Emily get revenge and ruin other people's lives, just like they ruined hers gives me this rush of adrenaline.  That is honestly what I love about the show, figuring out the secrets, plot thickeners and twists, and the smarts and sneakiness it takes to take people down psychologically by ruining their lives.  Like I said, I know this makes me sound psycho, but I am also rooting for people in the show to own up to their mistakes and for forgiveness to take place (as if that will bring any ratings hahaha)!  As a writer I greatly admire the plot turns and the voice over that really makes the show extra enticing.

So if you can't tell, I keep mentioning future posts and because I start school on the 24th I don't really know what my blogging schedule will be like.  As I have mentioned before, school is always my first priority, but I do love writing...So I promise to post every Sunday FOR SURE, but posting Wednesday probably won't happen :(. I can however try and post Thursday or Friday, this post however is not a promise and it may or may not happen.  Blogger is super neat in that I can save posts and publish them later, so I will try my best to do that.  Until the next post my readers (it will be about my fall goals, so stay tuned)... :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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