Thursday, October 4, 2012

Conflicted present for you!

So I am conflicted... You see I really want to post twice a week, and truly it is only beneficial for me to write, but AAAAHHHH I'm so conflicted!!!  Anyways my point for this post is to post a poem I created in my Creative Writing class.  I'm still missing camp so I decided to take it out on paper and write about it (oh wait that's what I always do).  Think of this as a present in that I wasn't technically going to post today!  As for future weeks I promise Sunday and maybe my class assignments if I feel they are worth sharing on Thursday or Friday (that's fair right?)...

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Inspired by “Dover Beach” Matthew Arnold
Camp Promise
The chairs are parked on the field.
The tide is low, the sun is setting
The last sun rays warm our bodies
Our homes forgotten; the comfort still needed,
Yet as a replacement fun and friendships.
Just seven days, that go by too soon!
No feeling different, or insecure
People are accepting, take me for who I am,
Thank you! you hear my plea
Of desperation which warms my soul, make it smile
Make me happy, writing inspiration unlocked,
Begin to plan writing, but don’t want to leave,
It will hurt to say goodbye, and then
Until next year.
Can I wait that long?
What will fill the time?
My mind will think too much
I can’t stop it; why
I don’t want to,
It gives me something to look forward to.
A Camp of Promise
It promises to be there next summer
To provide sun, wind, pranks, and nostalgia.
I go back there
When I wear my camp t-shirt,
When I close my eyes
The memories must suffice
For the moments I wish I was there.
Next summer
It can’t come soon enough! for me to smile
And absorb the sun with a sense of relief,
I am not alone, there are others,
Like me, with wheels instead of feet,
As a form of mobility.
I am nostalgic,
I need a brain detoxification,
I have a promise.

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