Wednesday, September 5, 2012


"Time", it seems like any other word--ordinary, simple, and spoken.  The thing is that that four letter word embodies much more than it's letter count.  Time can be the time of day, a time zone, time spent, time lost, or even time left.  An appointment/date can be something you are looking forward to or completely dreading.  It can be a memory or belief like 11:11, wanting to remember what happened at that exact time or making a wish.  Time can be a curfew, and you can be Cinderella.  Time can fly by and you wish it did or did not.  Time can be frozen and you feel like it's against you or you are happy in the moment.  Sometimes you may feel like you let time slip from your hands, while at other times you feel like you accomplish a lot in an allotted time.  Time of day brings darkness or light.  Time zones makes you wonder what other people are doing (my mommy went on vacation to Mexico and I miss her so!!!).  Time left on this planet makes you wonder just how long you'll really live, will you wake-up tomorrow or die many years from now?  Sometimes you can feel a hybrid of feelings about the time.  I speak about time like this from a 20 year old lifetime of experience.  Time is of the essence, so enjoy your loved ones today and make life goals, just keep up with the ticking clock of time...tick-tock :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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