Monday, November 12, 2012

Broadway AND Fun

Wicked was AMAZING!!! In other words it was WICKED! I have been listening to the soundtrack since I heard "Defying Gravity" on Glee, and it is just SO good!!! I got to see some of my camp friends and I even got to meet Dee Roscioli, who plays Elphie, along with some of the other cast members! It's a surreal feeling to hear a song and see someone act it out with emotion, I felt so alive! Now before you accuse me of being dramatic, let me just tell you that there was a lady in the row in front of us crying her eyes out, I was no where close to tears. My favorite character has to be Glinda, she made everyone laugh too many times to count. The stage and set were so interactive that it really brought the play to life! Before the play we (Ali and I) went to PF Changs with Niki and Allison and that was really fun to catch up with them! I can't put in words how good it feels to be around people that understand the wheelchair or aren't weirded out by it! Thank you to my true friends, you will never know how much I truly appreciate you all!!! Oh and thanks to Ali's two hour time investment on my hair and face I felt like a princess! Yesterday was crazy, rain, wind, trouble finding parking...but it was all worth it! Being in a wheelchair makes it a bit harder to have fun, but when we do...Oh it is SO worth it!!! :)

Since it is Veterans Day I just want to thank all the veterans that have fought and those that are currently fighting for our country. Thank you!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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