Wednesday, September 12, 2012


DO-IT stands for Disabilities, Oportunities, Internetworking, Technology.  The program consists of giving people with disabilities the tools to go to college.  You can enroll in the program starting your Sophomore year in high school.  The program requires you to spend 1-2 weeks at the University of Washington day and overnight over three years to develop a foundation for your future academic career.  So what I mean by all this, is that DO-IT is a scholarship to participate in this amazing community and learn the tools you need to get ready for college.  I am endlessly thankful for DO-IT because without it I never would have felt as prepared to apply to college and ask for the accommodations I need.  Everything DO-IT teaches it's scholars is useful, I am one of the many examples that have gotten to where I am because of their resources.  After the three year program (if anything were to come up and you could not attend one of the summer program, they would understand) you still stay connected to a huge network of people that have been in the program before you, newcomers, or people in society that wish to get involved with the program.  Through DO-IT scholars find jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, scholarships, and most importantly network.  I love how diverse all the disabilities of this program are--there is physical disabilities (wheelchair bound), blind, deaf, mute, dyslexic, and more.  I feel as if everyone feeds of each other's motivation and as a whole we hope to show society that we have a lot to contribute! :)  To apply or donate click the link:

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