Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am feeling rather analytical, so I am going to analyze Wednesday, the week day...

Ever since I realized I was spelling it wrong, when I was five, I started pronouncing the spelling in my head before I actually spelled it on anything. Sometimes the pronunciation would come out of my mouth with actual volume and I would sound weird, but at least I spelled it correctly.

Wednesday is the middle of the week and depending on your week it could be a good or bad day. If you are on vacation then you want the week to go by slow, but if you are anxiously awaiting the weekend then Wednesday means you are almost there.

I find it really interesting that the days are set the way they are and how the simple name of a day can change someone's mood. Personally, I love Friday--even though I love school and learning, there is just something about the weekend that makes me smile. :)

Well readers, it is Wednesday, almost Friday! I hope you all have a great day!!! :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Vampires :)

True Blood
The Vampire Diaries

Vampires are a really cool thing right now, and honestly I cannot object. They are usually really good looking, minus the blood stained lips. I will add to this tomorrow...I'm really sleepy from an eventful week! :)

Monday 7/30/2012:
So this past week my best friend from California came to visit me and since it was my job to be the tour guide, I was exhausted! Then Wednesday and Thursday I had the opportunity to participate as an advice-giving-disabled person to teenagers with a disability, at a program called DO-IT. Then Saturday there was a family baptism party, so all in all I was not my writing self. Sunday I recovered and slept for half the day, I don't usually have eventful weeks, so when I do I crash.

Now back to vampires, The Vampire Diaries show is probably my favorite out of all the vampire options. I hear the True Blood show is really good, but it's too risqué for me. Twilight movies aren't the best movies ever, but the storyline is still good.

Now all these shows and movies originally came from books(can I get a woot woot?!). The Vampire Diaries is still on my to read list, True Blood I read one, but it was kinda creepy, and Twilight I read them all! :)

I honestly just love comparing the characters and their motives/personalities. The humans versus vampires dilemma and the ongoing fight of good versus evil (even when some vampires are good). It does not hurt that vampires are extremely good-looking!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My age

About one or two posts ago I mentioned I was 20 years old. I have probably suffered enough for five lifetimes, look like a twelve year old, and act like an eighty year old with sporadic 8 year old moments. Is age really just a number?

I used to feel like it meant everything, like it defined you. Age to me was like a curved scale: first the older you got the smarter/cooler/more life experiences you lived, but then you hit 60s and you get weak/unhealthy/wrinkly. Oh was I wrong! My parents are the first people that blew up my theory, they look young, especially my mom(she works out), but they are old enough to be my grandparents(if my mom got pregnant at the age of 16-18)! Maybe they are to blame for my young appearance... Then when I was younger I always looked up to my older cousins, I thought they were so cool and way smarter, but the thing is none of them ever took school as serious as I do. In terms of being cool they definitely beat me, but I blame that on my nerdy/socially awkward personality. Sometimes the inner kid (Yomarita) in me strikes and because my childhood lacked siblings (my parents were my friends) and I could not play with all the able bodied kids (since I was in regular classes because of my brain), I get whiny/high maintenance or resort to comfort food now as an adult (chocolate will you marry me?). The very few friends I did make actually accepted me for who I am, disabled and all. Don't get me wrong, being the only girl in a wheelchair in school definitely got me noticed, but my peers were more acquaintances than real friends. I did however get along with teachers very well, and to this day I am usually one of their favorite students. The thing is I act so mature most of the time that teachers are more of my friends than my peers.

So I'm kind of conflicted between my alter ego age personas...but if appearance were to be the only factor then I would always be a kid. I guess it will be a positive thing when I get old! Until then, I am blessed to live another day! :)

Adios readers,
Yomara & Yomarita :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I LOVE superheroes!!! I am on a superhero high right now! Mostly because the Dark Knight Rises is about to come out!!!! I guess I feel like superheroes bring out the hope I have stored in my soul, like their triumphs over evil give me hope I will keep overcoming obstacles. The other reason is because their outfits are so unique and the personality resembles not only them the hero, but the human version as well. I love how during the day they might go by unnoticed, and even when they save the planet, they ask for nothing in return. Usually they have some specific form of brains and the best part is they are strong and good-looking! Superheroes are AWESOME!

Wolverine: Steel for bones, I'm jealous!
Cyclops: Wear cool shades all the time!
Storm: Weather control, need I say more? Sunny time!
Thor: A hot god! Super strong and can't die!
Iron Man: Sarcasm points are awesome and the robotic control/engineering genius!
Hulk: SUPER strong and green with envy, oh no wait anger, anger management!
Batman: Awesome cape and martial art skills!
Captain America: Honorable and protective!
Superman: Cool cape and good looks!
Spiderman: The only spider I'm not afraid of!

The best part is that each superhero has their soulmate, human or superhero, which is so romantic!!! I'm so excited for the Dark Knight Rises!!!!!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mi Madre "My Mom"

So I know I missed a scheduled post and I'm truly sorry, but it was my mom's birthday, hence this post's title. So you should all know I'm an only child, so yes I am a bit spoiled, but I am SO loved!!! If anyone knows what parental love feels like, it is me, and for this I am so blessed. My mom is one of my caregivers, she decided to not have any more children to dedicate her time for me, she cooks like a professional chef, and she treats me like I'm her everything!!! I know people that do not really appreciate their parents, but even when I'm annoying, I know that I have lived this long thanks to them. My parents could have given me up for adoption when they found out about my condition a year after my birth, but they have kept me alive for 20 years with their love. My dad spoils me and buys me whatever I want (within reason of course), he makes me laugh, and he is emotionally solid for my mom and I. I can't even think of living without my parents and I am SO blessed to have those moments and memories, that besides my disability make me smile from ear to ear. So cheers to my mom's 58 years and to many more with my parents. Oh I know you are supposed to never mention a woman's age, but my mom looks 45ish so it's really a compliment! I hope everyone cherishes their parents and if you no longer have them with you, I am deeply sorry.

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In the media

People in wheelchairs do not show up often in the media, which is why when they do I think they deserve a round of applause. I know it's typical to show up on the news, like a cliche inspirational story, and those people totally deserve their 15 minutes of fame, but then there are actual characters that are fit for the wheelchair role. My favorite, and probably most accurate, is Artie from the show "Glee", granted he is not disabled in real life, but his acting is very good. I am really proud of Ryan Murphy for adding in disabilities to society's viewing shows, because it really shows people with disabilities are everywhere. I also admire "Switched at Birth" a show that incorporates Sign language because several of the characters have hearing/speech impediments. "Push Girls" is a reality show about 5 quadriplegic women who live in California. All these shows are informing society about the limitations/obstacles that some people have to overcome, and how even with our physical differences we all have something to contribute on this planet. So there are my two cents, and if your favorite show is on break and you need something to fill your time with, check out the above shows (I know able bodied people who like to watch them, not just me). Well, I'm going to watch some "Glee" because it fills me with glee! :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012


July 4th was a holiday, so I didn't post, but it is Sunday...

I noticed I have been ending my posts with "readers" and to tell you the truth it freaks me out that people will read this blog.  So I figured I should really explain why I do in fact want people to read this blog.  I want people to see through my writing that I think like any regular person, a little wierd and crazy, but normal nonetheless.  I want you to see that people in wheelchairs may not be physically strong, but emotionally we have been through so much that we are used to living our lifestyle.  My biggest annoyance with people who have little or no education on physical disabilities is that voice that they use when they talk to me, almost like I am mentally behind or a little kid.  The one thing I am very proud to brag about is that I am a total nerd, I enjoy school (for the most part) and I strive to keep up a decent GPA.  I guess that is why I feel belittled when I hear that voice, because I know I am physically bound to this wheelchair but my only other identifier is that I'm a nerd, and a proud one.

The other things people do in my presence does not faze me at all, I'm used to the stares, the questions, the pity looks, it all just comes with the territory.  Honestly though I hope that from this blog you at least take the fact that my writing is trying to make a point.  Thank you for reading!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)