Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So you're probably thinking why is Camp Promise SO important to Yomara, she's only gone one year, she's just super exaggerated about why she loves camp.  No?  Well, that is what I think you are thinking, which just proves I overanalyze myself and other people all the time...oops!

So this blog post that I have worked on for awhile gives the reasons why I LOVE camp, you see aside from the awesome activities camp involves, the main component of camp is the people.  In everyday experiences people don't understand me, they don't treat me like a human being, and I get it I really do, a wheelchair IS intimidating there is no denying that, but at camp I feel accepted, I don't feel stares or uncomfortable situations.  I don't have to worry about being me, crippled and all, and the thing is I don't mean being accepted just because I'm around other people in wheelchairs.  The thing that makes me smile the most is seeing able bodied people (the staff and counselors) develop a bond or friendship with the campers.  Even if I were to never walk and the cure is never found in my lifetime, nothing makes me happier than seeing that I have made friends and changed able bodied people's perspective of the disabled.  Ali means so much to me because she takes care of me like a sister and that is what I see at camp--friendships and smiles, as cheesy as that sounds.

So (ugh that's the third paragraph I have started with that word...gross writing skills) Ellen DeGeneres these are the people that make camp possible, they fundraise, they work for a week WITHOUT pay, and I hope all these people COME BACK THIS YEAR!!!!!

Terin: You are the woman in charge!  You make camp happen!  You fundraise like crazy and you do everything in your power to make us campers have an unforgettable experience!  You are super funny and incredibly friendly, so much so that knowing you are in charge makes everyone feel like camp is in good hands.

Libby: You are always on the go, eager to help, or simply say hello.  Whether it be accepting a pie in the face or making sure everything and everyone are where they’re supposed to be you do it with a smile.

Beth: You are the mom of camp, you are constantly walking up and down the camp site tending to everyone's needs.  When supplies arrive at camp you make sure everything goes where it is supposed to.  You are so kind to all the campers and make sure everything is sanitary, which I really appreciate.

Matt: People may say you are strict about curfew, but I appreciate you for it.  You own that golf cart as you ride across the camp site and get stuff done.  You saved us from a cougar, that just proves you're hard core.

Nick: You charge forty plus power wheelchairs every night and you are Matt's right hand man in all things awesome. 

Mark: Your photography skills are the BOMBDIGGITTY and you're my favorite cheerleader.

Stephanie (lifegaurd): You made sure we didn't drown which basically means you saved our lives, and you had the best music playing by the pool.

Steph (not lifeguard): You made camp so fun with your humor, and you help spread camp love by being camp's publicist.

The Chefs and Nesil: Thank you for the THREE meals a day, prepared hot and very tasty.  Also for cleaning up after every meal.

April: Thank you for the endless fun in Arts & Crafts and for being our shopper every night and day for things we needed last minute.

Allison: You are AWESOME and cheesy like me.  Thanks for all the gossip and for keeping Niki alive for a week.

Angie: You are fierce and ridiculously funny.  Thank you for being my bet buddy.

Deanie: You are the friendliest and quick to the rescue.  Thanks for wiping my eyes when they would randomly start leaking from the light bulb's strength.

Hayley: You were so sweet and welcoming.

Stephanie (purple cabin): You have super muscles and can push a wheelchair like a boss.

Gabby: You are so glamorous, but you put your campers first and that says so much about your kind heart.

Loan: You were my morning buddy, thanks for the conversations.  You are so sweet.

Emilia: You came to the purple cabin's rescue, and you are so much fun.  Your fashion is amazing.

Travis: It was your first year and you dressed up the BEST.  You were such a great sport in all the pranks and bets.

Nick: You were super nice and helpful towards everyone.

Andrew: Your poetry is wickedly good, and you're like really funny.

Nora: You're so sweet and welcoming to my camp first time at camp.

Shannon: You are one inspiring woman, working and volunteering at camp.  You do so much for society, I appreciate all you do, EMT, Beauty Pageant participant, med school, superwoman.

Paige: Your custom made outfits are awesome and you own at the ukelele.

Sarah: Your camper wasn't there at the beginning of the week, but you were lending a helping hand at all times.

Kelly: I'm still unsure why we call you "Cousin Kelly" but you are incredibly kind and patient.  You also have really nice hair.

Omar: Just being around you makes me feel like a cooler person and you're incredibly smart.

Tim: You're humor is the best and you're a doctor so you're automatically really cool.  <---This guy gets three weeks of vacation a year, he spends one at camp.

Queenie: You are hard core awesome because you go into burning buildings and save lives.  I've also watched your expertise shine through while crushing a pill, I was impressed.

Daniel: You stayed up many a night fixing a boat you had hopes of working, just to give us campers the experience of a lifetime.  You are also hilariously funny.

Thank you to Joshua who rents out the camp site and the volunteer nurses that give us our medications.  From across the world many people help make camp a reality :)

I hope I didn't forget anyone, and if I did it was unintentional.

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Honestly Tomorrow?

I have an exam tomorrow...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm a horrible person!!!  I really REALLY hope to post what I wanted tomorrow, it's just so long I haven't finished writing it...March 18 get here faster...I'm complaining and that is annoying, I should stop!  Tomorrow, parting is such sweet sorrow!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013


So, I'm writing my second essay today...I honestly don't think I have ever been this busy...I wish it was Spring Break already!!!!!!!!!!!  I WILL post tomorrow, I REALLY hope so.

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

I promise I'm still alive

Good news: I'm still alive, not that I was dying, but I've just had so many papers to write this quarter that I've been really overwhelmed. I pinky promise to post Sunday, because I have something very important to say ( No, Ellen hasn't called, e-mailed, Skyped me...YET!!!). I miss writing for my own pleasure...but stay tuned!!!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)