Thursday, August 2, 2012


Sometimes we are human, sometimes we are selfish. I admit I have done it before, I even did it yesterday, when I didn't post because I was selfishly watching Captain America. Now that is a smaller act of selfishness, but even so I have made some selfish acts that I am ashamed of.

I know I shouldn't blame those acts on on my sometimes depressing emotional state of being disabled, but really what else is there to blame, ok I know myself! Sometimes I am selfish with my parents, meaning I am high maintenance and ask them to do many things for me. This is probably the one act I am most ashamed of because honestly I feel like sometimes I am a burden/nuisance and I kind of cling to my parents so they won't forget I need them, all the time.

I know horrible of me to do so, and I'm working on it. Honestly the thing that makes me super happy is to see acts of unselfishness, those people are my inspiration to be a less selfish person. There is always someone out there who has it worse, so pick yourself up and help yourself and those less fortunate. I know people give me the pity look, but I am blessed and hope you are too :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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