Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Missing me...Camp Promise

I know, I know I have been missing for a week and a half, but if it makes anyone feel better I just had the best week of my life.  So I am about to write the longest post I have ever written, be prepared...

So I went to camp, my first ever woodsy camp, stayed in an actual cabin, bugs, insects, FUN and all that craziness.  I was exceedingly hesitant to go to camp in the first place because I'm not used to sharing a room and sharing my caregiver, in all I'm just not used to living with anyone but my parents.  Everyone at CP has a physical disability and there is a counselor for everyone, so I knew I wasn't alone in the sea of fear.  There was a six hour orientation for every counselor and that made me feel better (although I took my caregiver of three years to be my counselor, so I was sure I was in good hands).  I will devote a post later on to my mexi-white sister (counselor, PCA, caregiver, sister, friend) Ali, so stay tuned!  So I was actually supposed to arrive on Monday, but I ended up going on Sunday with Ali (counselor orientation).  I went with Ali mostly out of convenience (2 hour drive to camp), but I also wanted to see all the counselors before anyone else, what can I say I LOVE being informed ;)

I thought all the counselors were pretty cool, laid back, and hilarious at first impression.  Some took their volunteer week there more seriously, while others were more chill, but it was an amazing balance.  There was only one counselor I knew wouldn't hack it (remember I'm totally psychic), and I was right, she left by day four.  I had about four to five other predictions and they turned out right, all except for one.  Now I have about six predictions for next year, but that is a long time away :(

I was SO scared and hesitant to actually go, but I am SO glad I did!  The first two days I kind of wanted to drive off one of the beautiful hills, maybe the dock, because I was so sleep deprived.  Thankfully I figured out how exhaustion works: when you are a light sleeper then you don't sleep and then you get grumpy and tired, but after two nights of this you crash and can even sleep with a bunch of noise and the lights on.  Can I get a woot woot?!  SUCCESS!!!

From there it was pure friendships, bonding, happy and fun times, smiling, laughing, secrets, giggling, gossip, basically the best!  My cabin girls became my best buddies: Kyann, Niki, Allison, Amber, Loan, Danielle, Erika, Allegra, Angie, Cheri, Deanie, Hayley, Steph, Gaby and of course my Ali!  The great thing was that we were only one of the five cabins, so there was also Sean, Jake, Morgan, Ben, Elliott, Travis, Nick, Alex, Michael, Derek, Tim, Kelly, Terin, Libby, Daniel (both), John, Omar, Sarah, Shannon, Beth, Matt, Sami, Jonah, Noah, April, Mark, and everyone else that was there!!!!! :D <3

All the activities were incredibly fun to watch or when I felt brave (not often) to participate in!  I was at my ultimate admiration high, because I have so much admiration for the counselors that take care of the campers and make having fun a possibility for us all!  The devotion and sacrifice when they are exhausted and they find energy to keep us all smiling, I am so greatful!!!  My fellow campers you also inspire me keep fighting for another day, we are all alive right now, let us enjoy it!  Carpe diem!!! :)

Lastly I want to thank the boys that came from Great Britain and Conneticut: Lewis, Elliott, Ben, and Michael!  You boys made the camp so much fun, I appreciate all of you!  Camp Promise <3
To donate or check out this AMAZING camp: http://camppromise.org/

Niki (she told me about the camp!)

Michael (Conneticut)
The boys with the English accent :) (Left to Right: Ben, Lewis, Elliott)
Camp Promise Summer 2012 :D <3

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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