Thursday, August 16, 2012

Never satisfied

As humans I feel as if we are never truly satisfied, meaning we feel like happiness is obtained only for short periods of time. When you are unhealthy you tend to appreciate life more, but also whine about the stuff you do not have. I think it's okay to whine, I mean with someone who is willing to listen, that way you do not annoy them. I listen to a lot of people, and it's not because I have a lot of friends, because I don't, but because people can honestly tell me anything. I always listen, but rarely give advice because well it scares me to tell someone to do something and then have it turn out to be a bad situation. I also talk, only to a few people, mostly my mom and two or three friends.

There's always another problem, we are never fully satisfied. Someone can ask you how you are doing, and sure you say "Good" or "Fine" but you almost never mean it. There is always something in your life that could be fixed/altered/bettered and isn't that just terrifying?

I'm scared of how much I'm constantly trying to change and better my health, my education, my life. I know it's good to strive towards life goals, but sometimes it feels like there is no finish line. I'm happy where I am at, but I am constantly pushing and it scares me beyond belief that I push and may not even get to live my dreams.

I have sacrificed homework for fun, and sometimes health for homework. What if my dream of being a successful writer with my books being turned into shows or movies never comes true? What if my prayers of walking are never answered? What if everything I've sacrificed and been denied is never rewarded?

I don't know if everything I've lived through will be worth it later in my life. The only thing I do know is that when I die (after a Pulitzer) God will be waiting for me, and that is worth it. I'm satisfied in knowing I have been blessed to live until today, that and my parents is all I need.

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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