Monday, July 23, 2012

Vampires :)

True Blood
The Vampire Diaries

Vampires are a really cool thing right now, and honestly I cannot object. They are usually really good looking, minus the blood stained lips. I will add to this tomorrow...I'm really sleepy from an eventful week! :)

Monday 7/30/2012:
So this past week my best friend from California came to visit me and since it was my job to be the tour guide, I was exhausted! Then Wednesday and Thursday I had the opportunity to participate as an advice-giving-disabled person to teenagers with a disability, at a program called DO-IT. Then Saturday there was a family baptism party, so all in all I was not my writing self. Sunday I recovered and slept for half the day, I don't usually have eventful weeks, so when I do I crash.

Now back to vampires, The Vampire Diaries show is probably my favorite out of all the vampire options. I hear the True Blood show is really good, but it's too risqué for me. Twilight movies aren't the best movies ever, but the storyline is still good.

Now all these shows and movies originally came from books(can I get a woot woot?!). The Vampire Diaries is still on my to read list, True Blood I read one, but it was kinda creepy, and Twilight I read them all! :)

I honestly just love comparing the characters and their motives/personalities. The humans versus vampires dilemma and the ongoing fight of good versus evil (even when some vampires are good). It does not hurt that vampires are extremely good-looking!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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