Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mi Madre "My Mom"

So I know I missed a scheduled post and I'm truly sorry, but it was my mom's birthday, hence this post's title. So you should all know I'm an only child, so yes I am a bit spoiled, but I am SO loved!!! If anyone knows what parental love feels like, it is me, and for this I am so blessed. My mom is one of my caregivers, she decided to not have any more children to dedicate her time for me, she cooks like a professional chef, and she treats me like I'm her everything!!! I know people that do not really appreciate their parents, but even when I'm annoying, I know that I have lived this long thanks to them. My parents could have given me up for adoption when they found out about my condition a year after my birth, but they have kept me alive for 20 years with their love. My dad spoils me and buys me whatever I want (within reason of course), he makes me laugh, and he is emotionally solid for my mom and I. I can't even think of living without my parents and I am SO blessed to have those moments and memories, that besides my disability make me smile from ear to ear. So cheers to my mom's 58 years and to many more with my parents. Oh I know you are supposed to never mention a woman's age, but my mom looks 45ish so it's really a compliment! I hope everyone cherishes their parents and if you no longer have them with you, I am deeply sorry.

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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