Sunday, July 8, 2012


July 4th was a holiday, so I didn't post, but it is Sunday...

I noticed I have been ending my posts with "readers" and to tell you the truth it freaks me out that people will read this blog.  So I figured I should really explain why I do in fact want people to read this blog.  I want people to see through my writing that I think like any regular person, a little wierd and crazy, but normal nonetheless.  I want you to see that people in wheelchairs may not be physically strong, but emotionally we have been through so much that we are used to living our lifestyle.  My biggest annoyance with people who have little or no education on physical disabilities is that voice that they use when they talk to me, almost like I am mentally behind or a little kid.  The one thing I am very proud to brag about is that I am a total nerd, I enjoy school (for the most part) and I strive to keep up a decent GPA.  I guess that is why I feel belittled when I hear that voice, because I know I am physically bound to this wheelchair but my only other identifier is that I'm a nerd, and a proud one.

The other things people do in my presence does not faze me at all, I'm used to the stares, the questions, the pity looks, it all just comes with the territory.  Honestly though I hope that from this blog you at least take the fact that my writing is trying to make a point.  Thank you for reading!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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