Thursday, July 19, 2012


I LOVE superheroes!!! I am on a superhero high right now! Mostly because the Dark Knight Rises is about to come out!!!! I guess I feel like superheroes bring out the hope I have stored in my soul, like their triumphs over evil give me hope I will keep overcoming obstacles. The other reason is because their outfits are so unique and the personality resembles not only them the hero, but the human version as well. I love how during the day they might go by unnoticed, and even when they save the planet, they ask for nothing in return. Usually they have some specific form of brains and the best part is they are strong and good-looking! Superheroes are AWESOME!

Wolverine: Steel for bones, I'm jealous!
Cyclops: Wear cool shades all the time!
Storm: Weather control, need I say more? Sunny time!
Thor: A hot god! Super strong and can't die!
Iron Man: Sarcasm points are awesome and the robotic control/engineering genius!
Hulk: SUPER strong and green with envy, oh no wait anger, anger management!
Batman: Awesome cape and martial art skills!
Captain America: Honorable and protective!
Superman: Cool cape and good looks!
Spiderman: The only spider I'm not afraid of!

The best part is that each superhero has their soulmate, human or superhero, which is so romantic!!! I'm so excited for the Dark Knight Rises!!!!!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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