Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's so different on the other side...

This post is kind of about Mexico, but not the political stuff because for one politics confuses me and two, I could not make an argument for either side publicly because I hate confrontation of any kind. So recently a few relatives received their visas to come to the US because their mom (my half-aunt) had a stroke last September and the probability of her ever going back to Mexico is really low.  Therefore her daughter and grand kids came here, and before I continue I just want to remind you that I am extremely observant, I analyze everything, and I come up with conclusions all the time (by no means am I saying I am right about my observations, I am just simply writing down my conclusions).  The kids appear to be experiencing culture shock, they look surprised all the time, and frankly a bit confused.  Their confusion mostly comes from seeing what a selfish society we are, these kids are SO polite and they appreciate everything!  They have never even met me and they greated me with a hug, that's saying A LOT when on a day to day basis people seem to be afraid of encountering people with disabilities.  It wasn't just the interaction they had with me that made me see how they have different customs, but even when it came to dinner, unlike some people (myself included sometimes) they did not protest what they were about to eat, they ate it all and cleaned their dish.  Once again, I am reminded of the little things we take for granted.  Ironically, I also found out that water, trash, and television is free in Mexico City, where here it is ridiculously expensive and rising.  Like I said I won't get into the political because my brain can't handle it, but out of pure empathy I do feel sadness for all countries suffering either because of war, poverty, or diseases.  Count everything you're thankful for and you'll see it adds up!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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