Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Grey's Anatomy Post Cleanse

So it's been about a week since I have watched Grey's Anatomy and I'm definitely having withdrawals, but read on to see my opinion and thoughts on the show.  As I said in my last post I was hesitant about watching this show because of the hospital anxiety I have, but I did some research about the show and found out that all the surgeries they show on the show are actually dead cow body parts and obviously fake blood and actors.  Once I programmed my brain into thinking that the actual medical stuff was not real and focused on the scene ending or put more focus on the drama of the characters it was actually a lot easier than I thought to watch.  I really enjoy the character development of Meredith Grey and Christina Yang, they are definitely my favorite!  I love the plot twists and super intense moments, although let's be honest how could so many bad things happen to one hospital's staff!  My favorite panic situation portrayed was the shooting, mostly because it was so believable--I mean if you think about it how many people would not go crazy after having their significant other be shut off from life support!!!  I'm surprised I haven't heard of more people losing their minds over situations like these.  It really makes you think to talk things over with your significant other and/or family when you are well to be better prepared for an emergency.  If you chose to not be resuscitated or taken off life support you really should think about how that may affect your loved ones.  It's also important to realize that if you do wish to agree to either of these then that is completely your choice as well--I say this for terminally ill patients who sometimes know there is no possibility of getting better and wish to end their suffering and prevent more costs for those that stay alive.  Sorry for being so morbid, but this show really made my mind see the fact that these situations may occur and with my cripple mindset I guess I'm kind of used to thinking about the bad possibilities.

After that morbid paragraph I want to highlight the fact that Grey's Anatomy does an amazing job of highlighting the possibilities of medicine and incorporating faith in the show.  It makes me so happy to see the doctors on the show strive for excellence and bettering the treatments to care for their patients.  As someone who needs modifications to just about every treatment plan I really appreciate when the doctors try to find a solution to a problem and they are constantly innovating new ways to better treatment.  It makes me glad to know that medicine has progressed and patients like myself have a better chance of surviving.

The sex scenes are pretty famous and according to statistics and even the actors that is how they get their ratings.  I think it's a smart tool to gain viewers, but honestly it's not why I watch the show.  I focus on the characters' emotions, drama, storyline, and medical experience more than I focus on their sex life.  Frankly, I find it kind of gross that a lot of them play musical chairs with their sex life on the show, but I guess it keeps you guessing who they're gonna sleep with next!

My major complaint with the show now, even though I love it, is that Christina Yang got taken off of it.  I found her character so compelling and I guess I related to her with my constant desire to triumph and achieve my goals.  You've gotta hand it to her since she was the best doctor in that hospital!  I really hope she comes back, but I guess we'll see in Season 11...

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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