Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Vampire Diaries

I just spent half an hour going through Facebook newsfeed, twitter tweets, and Instagram pictures...there are too many distractions in this world! My new revised goal for today, four or five posts, then the rest tomorrow and then I'll probably be posting one a week on either Friday/Saturday/Sunday, maybe twice if anything super exciting or worth writing about comes up. Have you noticed I change my mind a lot about my blogging schedule, yeah I should work on that! Maybe...

So my reason for this post, The Vampire Diaries!!! The winter finale was so good, the one thing I love about this show is that there are always cliffhangers, it's one thing to have a good show and leave the viewers guessing and it's just exceptional when the writers literally leave the viewer hanging; completely in doubt if what will happen next! I've got to give credit where credit is due, the guy that portrays Klaus is phenomenal at being evil, but somehow he still manages to make me feel sorry for him because he's lonely. I am however kind of confused because I don't know which people have made pacts with Klaus, and was it really worth it with 12 hybrids dead? I know, I'm overanalyzing the show, but it's not my fault my brain just never stops thinking. Aaaaahhh vampires!!! Sorry freak out moment! I have to say Jeremy (I don't know the actor's name) has been going to the gym, like a lot! He used to be Elena's emo kid brother now he's a fit hunter, just another reason to keep watching the show :) I am however conflicted, for three years I wanted Damon and Elena together, but now that she's sired to him their love is just not the same, I guess the journey of Damon trying make her fall in love with him was just way better than the destination of her being sired. So many thoughts...can't wait until it comes back January 17th!

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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