Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Plan

My last post for today because I got distracted (AGAIN!)!!! I'm starting to get annoyed with myself, that's just depressing. I start winter quarter tomorrow, aaaaahhh kind of freaking out! I always freak out about the unknown though, we have established that. I wonder what types of people will be in my class, if it'll be overwhelming, what the professor is like, where I'll sit and more importantly fit with my wheelchair, oh and how cold it's going to be!!! The colder it is, the worse my driving is...ugh can it be Spring already?!

I am however really excited about my classes, they're supposed to be really good (or so the description alluded to that). I know for a fact one of my fellow wheelchair friends will be in one of my classes, so I look forward to that social experience/experiment. I say experiment because I'm eager to see how people react to two disabled girls in one class. I'm going to take this opportunity to really observe (even more than I already do) how people react and learn how to educate and show people that I'm one cool cripple (okay let's not get ahead of ourselves 'cool' might not be the right word, how about: awesome). Stay tuned for that blog post!

Okay now lets focus on the title of this post, the plan. This plan is basically my desperate attempt to get on the Ellen show. I will be tweeting her and her staff like crazy (@yoyoyomara) and I will continue to write her letters and try to get this to go viral! *fingers crossed* There is three months to my birthday, my only wish is to raise awareness about Camp Promise to get people to donate and make the 5th year of camp legendary!!! Stay tuned for my progress!

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Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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