Tuesday, July 9, 2013


We all experience defeat sooner or later in life, sadly it is often sooner rather than later.  To start off my defeat rant I acknowledge that I have not posted anything for more than three months, I was defeated by school.  Yes school won a round this year, but stay tuned to the end of  this post to hear how I punched school in the face! I had two of my core classes this year, one in winter quarter and one in spring quarter, which is why I was determined to get respectful grades in both classes.  Even when I had time to write all I could think about was the upcoming assignments I had to do.  Spring break was almost non-existent because I had a huge paper due the last day of finals week, and then the week of vacation I had I spent sleeping, watching television, and hanging out with friends.  So in terms of being loyal to my writing and this blog I was defeated, but if it's any consolation to myself I had to read and write so much these last six months that at least I know I was technically still writing.

Now although my writing is very important to me there is another way that I was defeated, play the violins now, I didn't get on the Ellen show.  Let's be honest that deserves a sad face :(  It's weird to admit this defeat because I felt so much support from my camp family and people that I have had the pleasure of meeting that I was honestly a bit surprised she never contacted me.  I put so much effort into all the possible ways I could reach Ellen that it was disappointing when my birthday came around and I didn't make it on the show.  The thing is things happen for a reason and I'm still a huge Ellen fan and I LOVE her show especially watching the great things she does for some very deserving people.  Most importantly she spreads joy and laughter through her show, so I only hope she keeps doing so! :)

I have many blog posts ideas so stay tuned my readers on my last year as an undergraduate!!!!!! :O  Oh did I mention I made it on the DEAN'S LIST for Spring quarter?!?!?!?!  Remember I had said that that was almost impossible for me because it's so hard to focus on school in the Spring, well I proved myself wrong and defeated the limitations I had imposed on myself!  I was also published in my university's online health magazine and made my first video project EVER!!!  I also stayed healthy and have managed to recruit and fundraise for camp! So if you ever feel defeated just keep swimming and you'll eventually reach a beautiful coral reef :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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