Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Butt level view of the world

So you are probably wondering what my physical disability is, I figured I would keep you guessing until the next post, oh the intrigue...  Well here it is I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, and when you are done googling it just know that I am doing okay :) in fact I am typing this with my fingers as you read!  I do have certain limitations and I am not the healthiest person on this planet, but I manage and I attend a wonderful University with the purpose of keeping up my almost perfect GPA (remember I said I was a nerd, I was not lying).  The purpose of this post is to lighten the mood, because one of the things that makes me happy is laughing and so I hope you find the following at least a little funny...

I have two chairs; the manual one, which needs to be pushed by a professional caregiver (I say this because one time a kid cousin was given the responsibility of pushing me and I almost died of a heart attack, but hey I'm still alive) and an eletric wheelchair (yes my hair ends up sticking up in all different directions after the electrocution ;)).  So why in the world am I talking about my chairs, besides the amazing cushiony comfort it provides and the pretty pink that matches my pink cheeks (okay the second one was a lie, my cheeks aren't that pink).  Well if you have ever sat in a chair, hopefully you have or this will make proving my point more difficult, you know that you have a butt level view of the world.  There are butts right and left, you literally cannot avoid them.  So what you end up doing is staring up at people, trying to make head/face contact.  I do not go around looking at people's butts on purpose, but I cannot really drive with my eyes closed.  The main thought that goes through my mind when I'm surrounded by people walking, a.k.a. butts, is that they can at least stand up and move around, while I'm stuck waiting until I get home to lay on my bed and get butt relief.  I think guys in wheelchairs probably appreciate the butt level view way more, I like faces, especially smiling faces :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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