Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beginning of the beginning

This is it, I can't turn back now...but why would I want to?  My first ever official blog has been published on the world wide web as of this moment.  So let's sum it up, it's really quite easy I'm just your typical physically disabled-only child-mexican-nerdy girl.  Yup that's it, that is all there is to me.  Okay I'm kidding it is actually a lot more complex than that, but hey we've got to start somewhere.  I'm starting this blog because I love to write, and this seems like a good venue for people to read my writing, just so I get used to the idea of my writing being out there in the big bad scary world.  Oh yeah I'm kind of scared of people reading my personal writing, why you may ask, well I have plenty of writing experience, but my opinions were never put to judgement by people I did not know, hence the fear.  So here is my goal, to publish a post every Wednesday and Sunday until school starts again, then I'll tweak my schedule.  Oh by the way my name is Yomara (Yoyoyomara is just a clever propaganda technique) and I'm a fan of smiley faces :)

Adios readers,
Yomara :)

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